Wood floor in the market now being used more and more, so many people at the time of purchase may fall into confusion, I do not know how to choose. So today Xiaobian to analyze purchase details about the wood flooring: 1, to distinguish between two types of seamless floor wood floor has two seamless seamless seamless parquet and laminate flooring, both of which are multi- repression from the compound of the floor, the bottom end and a split sector moisture fiberboard, difference is that the floor surface, parquet surface for natural veneer, texture and wood flooring similar to laminate flooring surface mostly HDF, care easy, but the result is a little difference with the wood. outdoor handrail for steps

2, the detailed size / grainy texture difference seamless traditional wood flooring, has a particular scale size; seamless wood flooring from Europe, is not the same length and width, sub listed results also completely different. Also differences in the appearance of the wood material, and some floor surface is completely slimy, nor the slightest imitation wood, felt very much like a rubber floor, but to create a bright result; the other, some floors will be a little grainy appearance with dull results. 3, glorious select more seamless either wood or seamless enhancement, has a variety of wood color choice, as usual oak, maple and walnut, etc., there will be gold, black and luster shallow, creating a difference the result of. While others will be a piece of wood put together by a plurality of strips of wood, strips of wood made some places a single, coherent results make flooring mixed.

4. Do not choose too homemade products from all over the country seamless wood floor, relatively speaking, products from Taiwan, China and Malaysia and other Asian regions, the prices were homemade; as flooring from Europe Sweden, Desi and Belgium , it is higher cargo, usually two to three times more expensive; emphasis glorious than can force the purchase, but try not to choose too much homemade stuff. For more information about the wood flooring in, and we look forward to your cooperation. Wood Flooring [url=http://pvcboardprice.com/pvc-board/3510.html] plywood sheet sizes South Africa[/url]

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