our choices and decisions effect our life

Brian Tracy calls it "the greatest principle in the history of

"The Law of Cause and Effect says that everything happens for a
reason. For every effect in your life, there is a cause, or series
of specific, measurable, definable, identifiable causes.

"This law says that if there is anything you want in life, an
effect that you desire, you can find someone else that has achieved
the same result or effect, and that by doing the same things that
they have done over and over you can eventually enjoy the same
results and rewards.

"Success, however you define it, is not an accident. It is not a
result of good luck versus bad luck. Even if you have not taken the
time to clearly identify how you got from where you were to where
you are today, there have been a series of specific steps that you
have taken that have brought you to where you are at this minute.

And the fact is, they could have brought you to no other place. You
are where you are, and what you are because of yourself. It has
been your choices and your decisions over the months and years that
have inevitably determined the condition of your life at this

"The most wonderful part of this is that at any time you can start
making different choices and different decisions, taking different
steps and you will inevitably arrive at a different place than
where you are today.

"The greatest thinkers of all time, going back to the earliest
recorded writings of the earliest religions, the earliest
philosophers and metaphysical schools have all emphasized the power
of the human mind to shape individual destinies.

"The key to your enjoying more of what people call luck is for you
to engage in more of the actions that are more likely to bring
about the consequences that you desire. At the same time, you must
conscientiously decide to avoid those actions that will not bring
about the consequences that you desire, or even worse, will bring
about consequences that you don't want.

"The laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, sowing and
reaping, are timeless truths, universal principles that have
existed since the beginning of man on this earth. All success,
happiness and high achievement comes from organizing your life in
conformance with these timeless principles. When you do, you will
achieve satisfaction and enjoyment at levels seldom experienced by
the average person and of course, people will start to refer to you
as lucky." Share

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Comment by Lynn Mystic-Healer on February 23, 2009 at 6:50pm
We are all connected--EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS A LOVE AND LIGHT ENERGY THAT IS ETERNAL WISDOM--we need to activate and use to help one another -asap--
The Soul Activation Process in my 3rd book ;Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook will help unite and transform this planet from inside out. The Soul matrix attached to everyone's breath is REAL and full of LOVE AND LIGHT MAGIC- orbs, angels, deceased realatives and heaven that is within and all around IF --you choose-- OPEN YOUR CHAKRAS, AND 3RD EYE-- to see and believe ask and be open receive. THE LOVE And LIGHT energies and holy spirit realm can not--OVERRIDE THE EGO MIND= FREE WILL.
The Soul Activation Process- see my website--- shows how the 5 step Soul Activation process--- works to help put the ego mind to rest for someone and intentinlally- focus on invocation and opening the chakras-- to heaven --so the person can FIND THIER SPIRITUAL/PSYCHIC ANSWERS TO THEIR LIFE PROBLEMS -- OR CRISIS AND USE LOVE AND LIGHT ENERGIES FOR HEALING CHRONIC PHYSICAL PROBLEMS..

The Soul Activation Process can do all of this and more.... when IT is done with two or more gathered --TO ACCESS THE DIVINE--ASTRAL PLANE -- WE CAN ATRAL TRAVEL IN ORBS-- OURSELVES---- AND........ SO MUCH--- We have an intergalactic love and light energy attached to OUR BREATH AND the matrix---- our soul's are eternal--- we can now prove-it...
THE Soul Activation Process is the BEST MEDICINE new healing method and world Peace process--- that can be used to create new earth jobs to reform our social services , at risk youth programs and health care system.
It is simple and for all ages, races and religions----
Please, help me-- any ideas, any suggestons, any sponsors -- Who can help me teach AND CREATE NEW SOUL ACTIVATION PRACTICTIONER jobs ---(THE NEW AGE HEALERS AND INTERGALACTIC TEACHERS AND PEACEMAKERS) need new earth jobs that focus on Soul (love and light) JOBS that will transform and unite this planet from inside out!
Comment by Mani kutty on February 21, 2009 at 9:16am
Bhagavan Sathya Saibaba's thoughts for 21st Feb 2009
Of various forms of Bhakti (devotion), Namasmarana (chanting of God's name) is the best. If every aspirant considers the name of the Lord as the very breath of his or her life, and having complete faith in good deeds and good thoughts, develops the spirit of service and equal love for all, then there can be no better path for Mukti (liberation).

Comment by Cheryl Stowe on February 20, 2009 at 8:41pm
This is AWESOME ... something we should all remember.
Bank Account
A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each
morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved
perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today.
His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After
many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled
sweetly when told his room was ready.
As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description
of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window.
I love it,' he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just
been presented with a new puppy.
Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait.'
'That doesn't have anything to do with it,' he replied.
Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time.
Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is
arranged ... it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it.
'It's a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice;
I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the
parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful
for the ones that do.
Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I'll focus on the new day
and all the happy memories I've stored away. Just for this time in my life.
Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you've put in.
So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank
account of memories!
Thank you for your part in filling my Memory Bank.
I am still depositing.
'Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.
Comment by Cheryl Stowe on February 20, 2009 at 8:33pm
Jesus said that if we believed and had the faith of a mustard seed we could say to the mountains be ye cast into the sea and it would be so but that because of our unbelief we cannot.

I know that my home not anyone believed I could get it or keep it and I did and presued it since the age of 8 (oh me of little faith) I got it at 34 and I geuss doubt has held me back as it has been the hardest endever to keep. Almost as hard as my sanity LOL

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