Over the past two weeks there has been concern about losing access to the iPeace website and the effect that would bring upon the unique community that we share.

I would like to make sure that does not occur.

Over the past year and a half, I have created an organization and am designing a website that will allow us to continue our quest for peace. It is the WorldWide Coalition for Peace – an organization dedicated to the resolution of conflict through intelligent and civil discourse. Its mission: to establish an internet presence allowing all citizens the opportunity to contribute to solving the many conflicts and challenges facing humankind.

A Virtual United Nations - whereby all citizens are delegates.

A continuation of the community started here on iPeace, with the goal of solution to the many challenges all of humanity faces.

For any who would like to be a part of this endeavor, all that is needed is for you to forward your e-mail address to worldwidecoalitionforpeace@charter.net and you will be contacted when the site is up and running. Your address will only be used for contact regarding the continuation of our community and will never be sold nor disclosed.

Note that this is not an endeavor to draw anyone or anything from iPeace but is an attempt to preserve the foundation of what has been established.

For any that are interested, there is a preliminary site that explains the concept in further detail at worldwidecoalitionforpeace.org

Real peace is within our reach, it is only a matter of recognizing our collective strength, unity and purpose.

In peace to all,

Seth Adamson

P.S. If any have further questions, you may write me at sethadamson@comcast.net or through iPeace.

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