What our world comprises of and how do we make our life more contented.
What is our world made up of, who makes our world? People around us whom we care for and who love us or just everyone living around us. Let’s look into the matter and find out...

When we are born we look up to our parents for everything, all our needs and desires are fulfilled by them whether material or emotional so our parents mean the world to us, everything revolves around them and we know they will not let us down in any way, many expectations we have from them, and we take them for granted at every stage of our life

Well, we start growing up and then come school and college and we make friends and they mean so much to us, start replacing our parents and our world starts revolving around them. We want to go out and spend all the time with them so a different stage of life starts...

Finally we start having crushes and start moving around with the opposite sex and the distractions come in... and whao! What a beautiful world it is! Nothing could be better than this, this is our world now…and we start flying high but isn’t it a short lived flight? we finally come out of it soon as our parents have different plans for us and maybe we also want to settle down with someone whom we love or whosoever who has been chosen for us.

Life starts afresh and our world now shifts to that person whom we start depending upon for everything and we seem so complete now and soon we become parents ourselves and our world consists of our children now and we get into the process of bringing them up and time passes, years go by and then we are on the same threshold, where our parents were years back...now our children have their own world living their own dreams like us, then why are we disappointed? We forget our own times...and start dwelling in misery and despair and that feeling of loneliness creeps in...

Where and who is our world now? Why can’t we just stop this entire circle of shifting our world from our parents to our friends and then life partner and finally our children, and make our own world, which consists of us and no one else seeking peace and happiness within ourselves shifting our focus to our inner soul which is so complete in itself .we just need to look deep inside us and find that world within ourselves, Our Own Beautiful World...

Poonam Singh.

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Comment by poonam on December 10, 2008 at 7:34am
True...ive written that in my article,loneliness..
Comment by Rajesh Dhari on December 10, 2008 at 6:57am
your thoughts are great but relevant to physical world u can enjoy in party and u can feel alone in thes ame party depending on ur inner states

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