'Our World' Photo exhibit brings awareness and enlightenment to viewers around the world.

'Our World' Photo Exhibit.
Designed by Bobbi Miller Moro
Women Without Borders US

'Our World' Photo exhibit brings awareness and enlightenment to viewers around the world.
I discovered in doing this project that we have nothing to complain about in the developed countries we live in.
We live like kings, we are like kings complaining we want a better kingdom. We do not walk around concerned
that if we leave our camp for the night to collect firewood for dinner that we will be raped-small sacrifice considering
if our husband goes he will certainly be killed. We do not line up on the floor in the hospitals, grateful to deliver a
baby and not die in childbirth with other mothers laboring beside us. We do not send our children off at a certain age
for a 'better life and education' to a human trafficker in disguise, never to see our child again as they are sold as a sex slave.

No we don't. We complain about our lap top is too slow, the line is too long at the grocery store,
and we can't find the right pre-school. This is not about putting us down, this is about awareness at the gut level. I have seen many distressed
photographs over the years-you get almost accustomed to the site of bloated children next to their straw or tin shack in the dump.
You feel bad, but that is about it. When I started to combine the images of distressed fellow men, women and children and put it side by side
next to the Western world, the developed world-life around me looked very different.

Most of us have no way to help the rest of the world, especially financially in some cases...but awareness, by blogging, writing, even protesting
for human rights puts pressure on those governments from around the world. Any little bit can help, without leaving your home.
If you can leave your home, and become an Aid Worker, it of coarse is an amazing opportunity to help; but for me my illustrations
was the only thing I could do, besides blogging with hopes that it could bring awareness and education. My 13 year old daughter
did not know girls her age are sold as sex slaves in Mongolia by unknowing parents. It is important to bring awareness to our children,
so the next time they complain they want those $200 pairs of Jordon's they will think twice about what it is like already for them in their privileged life.

We appreciate the abundance and wealth in our world, united with the realities of war, poverty, abuse and disregard towards our fellow human.
Ideally you will discover new actions that make a difference in the lives of our human family. May everyone enjoy the same privileges and quality
of life experience in our life time, and may we all help each other to a more prosperous future.

Bobbi Miller-Moro

Women Without Borders US

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Comment by Stephanie on November 9, 2009 at 8:12pm
I can identify with what you are saying here. It's ironic and at the same time very true and a strong message.I am wondering who it affects the most, the richer or the poorer and how it is taken by both. In one, the rich have to accept that they waste, they have everything one could want. And the poor perhaps see the images and are less able to accept it easily, the comparison. What do you think?
People take things is oh such different ways! I get your message, and can relate to what you are showing here. It is extremely interesting and truthful. I am sure the public is fascinated, and surprised to see everything right before their eyes in one image.
Good work!

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