outdoor fashion items continued to expand this report summarizes the future development trend

. In terms of brand concentration, in 2012 the overall market concentration on the rise, and the rise is relatively large, indicating the current consumption keen on outdoor known brands and leading brands. In 2012, the market share of the leading brands in 2011 compared with no change compared to large. Concentrated in Colombia, Pathfinder bit north, dewclaws, American camel, Northland, Ozark, Converse, Gelun step, ECCO. 3. Pan specialized industry towards specialization and outdoor fashion items continued to expand this report summarizes the future development trend of outdoor products, namely fashion outdoor sporting goods sales continued to expand: first, consumers and the pursuit of recognition, as well as diversification and segmentation of the consumer needs to provide a air max thea huge market space for the development of the industry; second, more brands enter the outdoor areas, the traditional sports of the

downturn, but also to the outdoor market offers opportunities; third, faced with growth the pressure of the retail business more popular outdoor sports brand in the fashion business restructuring will be. But at the same time, the report also pointed out that increased competition in the outdoor market. And in many competing brands, specialization and specialization will be two distinct pan direction of development, professional and high-end technology to support pan-specialization in high-end fashion and positioning. At the local sports brand who are still struggling with inventory,   nike flyknit air max Nike has brought about positive change in the industry to embrace the Internet. Last December, Nike and incubator TechStars launched Nike + Accelerator cooperation projects to encourage entrepreneurial team use Nike + platform to develop more innovative applications. Today, the 10 candidates has finally released. They are currently the Nike headquarters in Portland

for a period of three months entrepreneurial guidance. Let's take a look at the Nike phase of what is the 10 projects. Fitness classes scheduled GoRecess GoRecess is a docking site fitness classes and sports enthusiasts online booking platform, users can easily according to their location and movement of pre-course want to make, and greatly simplifies the process of the past. Event organization and management platform RecBob hold a tedious game each experienced organizers are fully understood, RecBob is to solve this annoyance and health, as long as the project to create a contest on the site, it will automatically by the client Inform your friends, and also for a variety of personnel adjustments unexpected situations. Use RecBob, you can even use it to their own communities and even small-scale organizational session of the "World Cup" in the city. Chroma Chroma Game Studios is an independent game studio, which is a flagship company of

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