Para-Tan Sound Healing teacher Training and Healing Circle Certificate program

Tried of being on medication, find a new way of life free from medication.

The teaching of Para-Tan and sound healing offered during the training will help free yourself from living a medicated life. Medication at best suppress the symptom, where as sound healing can help repare the damaged DNA thus freeing you from all forms of illness

Para-Tan Sound Healing cum The living Goddess programs are designed to give you an overview understanding of your Inner Divinity and your soul purpose, and provide you with skills to be able to do sound healing on yourself and on others.

The overall program is divided into five areas:
1. Awaken the Nadi’s within {the nadis the channel for Nada (sound)}
2. Inner Awareness. Use Sound to awaken of your inner being.
3. Train your voice to become a Healing instrument
4. Tapping into your inner voice and Spirituality
5. Shri Param Eswaran will visit your local area to helping you to gain practical experience as part of the course, plus help create a practice that you can further develop. (You will have to host him during the period he is with you)

The Program are divided into three, for 15 days, 30 days and 3 months

The 15 days program in Seremban Malaysia is Healing Intensive, where the focus is in healing oneself. 

In Malaysia the intensive is from:

August 10th to the 24th 2012

October 21st to November 4th

Or India

Friday March 2nd to the 16th

Friday September 14th to the 28th

Your Sharing is Ringgit 5400 per person.

After the 15 days, should your decide to sign up for the Goddess Training or the Para-Tan Teacher training, 50% of your donation will be credited towards the new program fee.

An opportunity for 6 participants.

30 days program starts on the November 12th to December 11th 2010.

The Thirty days Healing Circle Certificate program will focus on self-healing, and the ability to conduct healing circles when you return home. 30 days program will offer you tools to help heal your clients of various forms of Illness

3 months program is a Teacher Training Program. This is an initiation program whereby you will be initiated into the Living Goddess Tradition and Sound Healing. Our 3 months Certificate program are designed to help you become a Divine sound healer and a divine Lover, both yourself and with your Life partner, whereby you will start perceiving your partner as a living Goddess/God. (Ideal training for those who are tired of having short-term relationships, or tired of failing relationships)

Should you be willing to host Shri Param Eswaran, he will visit your area and help you to setup your own community, thus helping you to have an ongoing practice, this available to all participants.

You may chose to take the 15 days program and then chose to either enroll for either the 30 days or 3 months program. When doing so your full 15 days fee will be fully credited to the new program, and at the same time, your program period will be reduced by 15 days.

Those interested in sound and the Living Goddess Tradition can visit the following like to view our Master The Father of Para-Tan and The Living Goddess Tradition speak:
Interview to SWAMI SHRI PARAM ESWARAN, Tantra Master and Father of Para-Tan Sound Healing, during his italian workshop about "The 10 Goddess of the feminine"
Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending Para-Tan Sound Healing Intensive

Hear what other have to say about their experience after attending Para-Tan Sound Healing Intensive click Video Testimonial

May the divine Mother bless all with Love and Grace


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