patiently i wait
as i whirl these words at you
wind worlds around you
words swirling 'round you
a whirlwind
twirling the moment
as a baton
bending it 'round your head until it fits
slamming the baton through you
in one ear
to the other side
bolting it down
these words cannot be misspoken
these words cannot be forgotten
these words cannot leave
these words are yours
my words are yours
as are your words mine
patiently i wait
singing to you
softly though
words without music
whispered in your ear
inside of you
i lie waiting
for you, too.
write your own soundtrack
i want to hear you sing to me
for now, your words are mine
as are my words yours
sing to me
do not forever
so carefully tiptoe
around your words
sing them
the world will hear them
sing them to me...
patiently i wait..
for you to sing to me.
i'm waiting...

Can You Feel Yourself? (Annihilation)

while you wait
for yourselves
feel every tingle
hear every song
love every voice

it's not a vision
it's not my vision
it's not 'God's' vision (i have a dog, too- she hears everything)
it's your vision
it's your perspective
it's your perception
it just is

there is only a moment left
will it be just?
i only just found out
who i am
waiting on the fireworks with
can you find
your fuse?

i can live with myself
so stop waiting
and start living
i cannot see or hear
hearts of blackness
only feel the pull
of their emptiness

the pain you are in
is just you becoming you
there is no diagnosis
there is no medicine
there is no time
it is
the sooner your
real eyes realize
that i found only
my purpose
the sooner you can
start looking
for yours

Dumping Your Family in Myrtle Beach (at Ripley's Believe it or not)

you say so clearly you're worried- that i have 'issues'
remember this for a moment and i'll bet you need tissues
a night not long ago to me- a boardwalk, at Myrtle Beach
i can't remember how old, exactly, but the memory's fully in reach
i was young- Eric, too, younger- mother, with us; where were you?
a bar? a club? carrying a brown bag? did you wander? where to?
we were at Ripley's, 7:30; you said you would meet us a bit after
every emotion- your feeling right now- does it feel like laughter?
we were terrified, wandering aimlessly, looking for you- did you show?
calling police, family, no car to drive- would you like to know?
how it feels to be abandoned, no help in sight, not even a father
i considered trying to make you remember, but you can't so why bother?
weird things at Ripley's, believe it or not- did you ever see them?
no you weren't there- you 'stole' a car, left it- a drive to freedom?
free from us? responsibility? in the middle of a good time?
sit down for a moment, read this to yourself, this is MY rhyme
about hopelessness, fear, rejection- expectation, really- feel it?
you tell me i have problems- where did i learn them? this sh**?
feel it yet? emotion? care? publishing as i write- do you care?
you nearly ran down a cop- he found you and WE were there
not you, you were blacked out- emotion, dad, this is IT here
because we were with you he let it slide- i slept in sheer fear
wondering why if you left us you wouldn't try it again
thinking 'lock the door' and 'hide the key'- stay please, sleep in
i knew nothing then except that i was scared you would leave us
and never come back- left, stranded- and we'd have to take the bus

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