I was listening today to a dvd of what Prem Rawat says. I quote:
"Peace is not something you can merely talk about. Peace is not a placard on a wall. Peace is not something that you can just stick somewhere and say 'Yea, there it is and its a nice thing to have and lets talk about peace and hold up two fingers.' and that's Peace. Peace has to be felt - not once, not twice, not three times but every day, every moment and it's possible to feel it." > This meant something to me as this is what happened in the 1960s and 70s. We went around giving flowers to everyone - marching and demonstrating against war and nuclear bombs, having stickers saying Peace on our walls. A lot of good it did!

> Prem Rawat also says that Peace is not the absence of war. Wars on the outside will eventually stop but the war raging within a person can continue for a whole lifetime. That's why the Peace has to be felt inside.

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Comment by Caz Donovan on October 3, 2009 at 4:50am
Hi there Lynn - I'm back from my treatment now. Didn't manage to find room at an ayuvedic place so ended up at a naturopathic hospital in Kerala. Very interesting as I've never really given it a go - more or less just changing diet and letting the body heal itself. Don't think it's up to it at my age! Anyway I do feel better and continue to improve as I'm trying to keep up the diet - no tea, coffee, milk products, cooking with oil, etc etc. Getting used to rabbit food! Lost weight as well which helps in making you feel better. I'm just here in Manali for a month and will leave again for the South of India for the winter so busy packing everything up. I don't want to live here any more as it's becoming more and more touristy and the beauty and simplicity is being ruined in the name of commercialism and making money. There are no laws in place here in India to protect the environment - if you can make money out of it, just go ahead.
Enough of that. Wow - you were at Woodstock? Fantastic. Those were the days. And even though it was a violent time at least people didn't sit around and do nothing but spoke up against war and racial discrimination. Now I feel everyone is scared - scared of terrorism, scared of authority, scared of poverty, scared even of themselves. Fear is one of our greatest enemies. I think that's why I'm grateful for Knowledge (or one of the reasons why) because I feel so much stronger now, strong because I know for certain, not just believe, and realise there's no reason to fear, it has no purpose at all. (bit like worrying). So we have a month to correspond on this as I'll be back to internet cafes afterwards. Do you have email? Caz
Comment by Lynn Shedler on August 18, 2009 at 8:34am
DEAR CAZ: In the 60's and 70's we were demonstrating for Freedom of rights = Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Worship, and Etc. We were also protesting an end to OUR soldiers being in Vietnam. Getting killed everyday or coming back with limbs blown off. And we Did win. An Amendment to the Constitution was handed down by Congress "for our RIGHTS' and also to bring back all the soldier's in Vietnam. (1975). My BLOG explains the whole STORY!!! As for PEACE being within our Selves - I always thought that was the way it was
SUPPOSE TO BE. That's they way it was in the 60's ; 70's ; 80's ; 90's and today - Nothing
has changed as far as I knew!!! No One Sent Me A "Memo" Regarding Any Change!!
Even if they did - I'd throw it out. I was at Woodstock in the 60's and I knew very well what PEACE was all about back then as young Teenager!!!

Comment by Caz Donovan on August 12, 2009 at 8:29pm
Thing is with Prem Rawat it is more than just words - he is offering the gift of Knowledge. But you are right. All the great Masters were doing the same. It's difficult to describe a gift which is beyond the mind, beyond words, beyond description. That's why this gift is only alluded to and gets missed by those who try and interpret. Then the words become everything. I always liken it to love. When you love someone its a feeling - you can write about it and try and describe it - but words alone fall short. You have to feel it.
I read and listened to scriptures when I was younger and when I asked about this feeling, something I knew instinctively the Masters must have been giving - I was told to forget it - just believe. I couldn't just believe - I wanted to know. And there is a big big difference. Now I have been shown this experience I can tell when read about different people who just spoke the words and who spoke the words AND gave the gift. They are the true Satguru's the ones who can take you from darkness to light.
Comment by Caz Donovan on August 12, 2009 at 6:17pm
Prem Rawat is not a revered. He has no religion. All his wisdom comes from his own experience not from books, scriptures or what others have said. He is offering the gift of connecting to a place within inside of each human being. To receive this gift there are no conditions. It is for everyone regardless of age, sex, religion, culture, for rich and poor, for educated and illiterate. You just have to be alive. There are no rules, no rituals to follow just a way to feel the energy which keeps us alive and that is found within.

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