I am You
You are Me
We are all ONE

I am the mirror of your Soul,
talking to your ego,
sharing with you,
what you already know deep,
very deep in your Heart,
wispering what your ears are longing to hear,
since so long.

I am the mirror of your Soul,
I am your Soul,
We are all ONE,
We are all One Soul,

I am your Soul,
showing to you that there is another way!
Yes, there is another possibility!
And you already know it
deep, very deep in your Heart.

I am your Heart,
telling to your ego
that Peace is possible!

I am your entire Being,
telling to your ego this:

First you have to choose Peace.
Then, synthonize all aspects of your Self
on this Peace Frequency.

Bath yourself in this Peace Harmony,
your frequency needs to change and to
become that Harmony,
become this,
BE that frequency of Peace Harmony,
just BE Peace.

I am my Soul… Your Soul,
telling to Your Soul… Our Soul,
that only at this moment,
When every cell and atom of your Being
Has become this Harmony

PEACE will be possible!

I am You,
Talking to your Self,
What you already know
Blowing your ears
What they’re longing to hear since so long!

I am You,
You are Me,
We are all ONE!

Poem by ॐ Raleiah ❤ Sara ॐ, Spring 2010

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