Peace Aspect for the week beginning 7 October 2012

Thursday’s the day…There’s a simply marvelous heavy weight helpful Trine on Thursday (11th)!  The trine is between Saturn (the material struggle) and Neptune (the spiritual heights). If you are hoping to make headway on a major project, today can bring everything together.  If Saturn going into Scorpio has revealed a challenge, this is where you get the assistance you need (earthly or heavenly).  And the nature of this trine is to bring the earthly together harmoniously with the heavenly.  For example, if you feel you have set the spiritual energies right on a project, and need the material side to work with it, you may get them to click on Thursday.  The same applies if your situation is vice-versa.  If you have been wondering how to manage Saturn in Scorpio, the answer could come to you, and be sure to make a note of it.  It’s great to be able to give good news, sometimes, as an Astrologer!

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