Peace Aspects for the week beginning 28 March 2010

As a card-carrying member of CND in an earlier incarnation, I was very
pleased to hear that Barack Obama announced Friday that he and Russian
President Dmitry Medvedev had agreed to nuclear cuts. The Sunday
Observer this morning is full of praise for Obama, on this and other
issues: “suddenly the rest of the enormous canvas on which the modern
US president operates seems broken with shafts of light”. Over on that
beacon of astrological rigour “Nancy’s Blog” she comments: “Nothing
like a Mars station to make Obama seem really tough and on top of his
game to the world: first opposite his Jupiter for the first three weeks
of March and then slowly all this week through next Tuesday conjunct
his Mercury.” Saturn is also trine his Jupiter, cementing his
reputation as a man of principle. What President Obama brings to the
U.S. chart is that his Mars stimulates the Neptune (spirituality) of
the U.S. chart. It is interesting that the proposed plan was announced
on Friday when the Sun was square to Pluto (which represents nuclear
energy). That is a good example of turning around a difficult aspect
to bring it up to its highest expression. Life goes on, and tomorrow
Venus is sextile Neptune which is good for setting social and romantic
ideals, fine-tuning what you believe in heartwise. The Moon is at the
full in Libra in the early hours of Tuesday (30th), when you
may be able to keep things on an even keel, and take one step towards
peace, with whoever else is attuned and staying up to watch her. This
Moon aligns with two fixed stars in the constellation of Virgo:
Vindiematrix and Porrima, both of which relate to the assimilation of
new ideas, according to “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred
Rubenfeld. On Wednesday Venus glides into Taurus, leaving the
wrangles but also the passion of Aries behind her. She will be on home
territory, home and dry and earthed. She will be relieved, but some
might find her more dull and boring. She will be able to get on with
her gardening, and moneymaking, and doing things in her own groove in
her own patch. It will be easier for her to focus on what matters to
her. If you are strongly Venusian you will enjoy the naturalness and
harmony of Venus in Taurus. On April Fool’s Day Thursday 1st,
Mercury sextiles Neptune, not a good day to try any tricks because it’s
a sublime day to reveal truth and separate it out from illusion. The
antics of Derren Brown, David Blaine and other illusionists would be
irrelevant. On Friday 2nd, Mercury enters Taurus, so Venus
acquires a helper in tending her garden, and one who can help her to
articulate her feelings. Good influences for writing nature poetry,
documentation, public speaking or anything which allies feeling and
written or verbal expression. Things may get a little out of hand on
Saturday 3rd though, with Venus squaring Mars. There may be
some tittle tattle about Venus and her gardener, and Mars may
experience a little jealousy. The tabloids will have a field day. Can
Venus redeem her reputation? Tune in next week to find out.

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