Peace Aspects for the week beginning 18 April 2010

Last week was an exercise in finding your European gene. As we are
confronted with Mercury retrograde today, we struggle to make sense of
the Polish plane crash which was in the news at the start of the week
and the grounding of planes in Europe by the end of the week due to the
eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Has she spoken for
Gaia (yes), and is there any connection with the financial relations
between Iceland and the UK, given the wound sustained to Iceland’s
banking system? (maybe). Starting with Poland’s tragedy, Uranus was
opposing the natal Mercury in Poland’s 1989 chart, an indication of an
air accident. The poignancy of the event for the nation could not be
ignored, and even Russia rallied to the cause. In the UK on Thursday
as we struggle to find our political identity Nick Clegg surprised the
political pundits by forging ahead in the polls after his performance.
The North Node was transiting his Sun, bringing a moment of destiny but
we do not have a birth time and do not know in which house of his chart
this is placed. Katherine Whitehorn states in the Observer this
morning: “I want a hung parliament. Then laws will actually have to be
passed because parliament has so decided, not because they seemed a
good idea on the sofa in 10 Downing Street.” And as for the Icelandic
saga, both charts for Iceland have significant Saturn transits.
Throughout all these difficult events this week, Saturn has been
sitting on the Ascendant for the chart of the European Union. So the
question to put to Mercury if you were interviewing him this week,
would be: “Is there any way things can get better while you are
retrograde?” How much of the phenomena we ascribe to Mercury
retrograde is due to the fact that we now have Mercury
Retrogradophobia, now that it is almost a colloquial term? Mercury
represents communications and weather, and we need to own our personal
contributions to unclear communications and global warming, starting
with the things we can change. Also today the Sun sextiles Neptune,
and we can acknowledge the fog in our collective psyche, as we look at
its current symbol in the form of the volcanic ash cloud. Looking at
your own illusions can be a near-impossible task, but like the cloud we
know it is there even though we can’t actually see it. So give a nod
to the inner illusion and/or the volcanic ash, and keep asking “Why are
you here?” On Tuesday the Sun enters Taurus, the sign of determination,
and is sextile Chiron, so more of the same questions, but problem-solving
and healing could become closer, for instance on the restoration of air flight
in Europe. Thinking outside the box may produce answers, and according
to some ephemerides Chiron enters Pisces that day so the waters contain
the answer for some. The collective psyche becomes an answer for many
questions, where people had looked to their own lives and localities as the
be all and end all. There will be much more of a feeling that we are all in this
together during the era of Chiron in Pisces. Venus squares Neptune on
Friday 23rd, and the waters are muddied by financial scores
to be settled. In our personal lives we take another look at romantic
illusions, on the way to seeing the real value of relationship and
friendship. Efficient handling of this square could reap rewards for
Saturday 24th, when Venus restores good relations with two
of her heavenly compatriots: Saturn and Uranus. She first sextiles
Uranus, which allows an intuitively led turnaround in relationship and
finance, and seeing these in a higher way. Then she trines Saturn,
bringing about a balance which includes reality, but may exclude
romanticism. At the end of the week, loyalty wins the day. Despite
this, can Nick Clegg hold on to his lead after the second televised
debate on Sky on Thursday? A Hung Parliament and Vince Cable for
Chancellor are still on my wish list.

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