Peace Aspects for the week beginning 13 November 2011

If you felt supported and buoyed up by the Universe on 11:11:11 it may be as much to do with the Kite forming in the sky (more of which later) as the numerology, which is not to detract from the beauty of the number.  It is just that the meaning of the number is still a mystery to me.  People gathered for all sorts of reasons on Friday, for the past, the present and the future.  Even the birds gathered, at the beach, where we meditated and linked with other groups around the globe.  It was a special day.  This morning, the Sun has come out for the first time since our Solar Panels were fitted, and the dial shows that we are not using electricity – we have lift off!  Inner and outer bliss…Seemingly, everything feels right in the Universe, and on the planet… Meanwhile, nuclear threats are gathering in the Middle East in remembrance week – the U.S. and Israel are in a quandary about what to do, or whether to do anything, about Iran’s gathering nuclear capability. Let’s hope they choose the way of the Tao, rather than the way of Blair-Bush  (Pluto is approaching a trine to Iran’s Saturn next year, which will support its nuclear plans).  And the Eurozone…oh dear, two leaders have toppled within the space of a week (Papandreou and Berlusconi) and coalitions are on the increase (Saturn in Libra).  It seems fitting to give Berlusconi as much space this week as Papandreou last week on my blog, so here goes.  Firstly, his reputation as a womanizer is linked with his natal Venus square Pluto, though it must be said that not everyone with that square behaves as he did.  That Berlusconi is going now, after such a lengthy reign (though not as long as Mubarak’s or Gaddafi’s) is due to Pluto currently exactly squaring his Sun, definitely the end of an era in his life.  In the chart of Italy change is indicated with three significant squares: Saturn square its natal Saturn, Uranus square its natal Mercury, and Pluto square its natal Neptune.  Though Italians are rejoicing at the exit of Berlusconi, these squares indicate that they will be going through a period of discomfort in the immediate future, and that the situation will not be solved overnight by a magic wand.  But the country itself, as one who hasn’t much experience of international travel, is one of my favourite countries in the world (based on brief sojourns in Florence and Venice) and I heartily wish them well (as I do for Greece, and the next country).  Now to plough through the upcoming week’s aspects.  Today, Venus is conjunct the South Node.  It is a good day to take stock of your karmic interrelations, and to radiate love to your friends and non-friends alike!  Tomorrow, it is Mercury’s turn to conjoin the North Node, and for the mind to contemplate what the heart contemplated today.  You can do both days together, combining the heart and mind, LOL :-}  On Wednesday (16th) Mars trines Jupiter (high energy!) and you will feel the full force of the Kite shape, which has been formed in the sky by a Grand Trine between Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo, skewered to earth (and water) by the opposition between Mars in Virgo and Chiron/Neptune on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces.  It is a day when you (and your colleagues) can really get your act together, and bring your highest ideals down into practical reality, if you have been working on  something of that nature.  If you are highly intuitive, then it can all come together in your consciousness quite quickly, and be implemented, if you are feeling on good form and are used to working instantly.  A note about this pivotal position of Mars in early Virgo: those with Ascendant in Virgo will be intensely activated by the sojourn of Mars in Virgo until next July (only then will it move on to Libra).  If you have Sun in Virgo, you will be especially activated when Mars transits your Sun at some point or points during this period.  Alternatively, you may be someone who has several planets (a satellitium) in Virgo, in which case you’ll be on the go almost constantly (and Virgos like to be on the go).

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