Peace Day is coming up! Remember to join in on September 21!!
As you may or may not know, I am involved with the organization Wico ("Women`s International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women")
This is from dr Dalia Steiner, Founder and International President of Wico:

Here is the link to "Peace in Our life time org." Here you will find all the information about the International events on Sep. 21 2009 Peace Day with WICO's partnership. Please, scroll the page down for WICO's part.
WICO will lead an International Peace Prayer on this day, (Attached here). Please light a candle , take photos of events you'll have. We'll put them on all websites and on the Internet.
Thank you very much for supporting the event.

God bless, PEACE !!! AMEN

The link:

The prayer:

Peace for all
Reverend Doctor Lynn McClintock

O Source of Light and Life:
As all peoples of the earth, we join together in the name of peace.
Not in the name of one religion, or another.
Not in the name of one country or another.
Not in the name of one race or another.
Or in the name of one political ideology, or a second or a third...

As all peoples, united with the same hope on our lips:

Peace for All

O Great One, Friend of the Suffering:
We hold in our hearts those who sacrifice their lives because of their commitment to justice.
We speak their names boldly and never forget our sisters and brothers who have stood against oppression.
Protect leaders who are risking their lives for the common good.
May we all, inspired by their example, be made bold to do the hard work of peace:

To listen when we would rather tell our view
To collaborate instead of pushing our own agendas
To embrace humility of spirit when we would rather make a name for ourselves
To find creative solutions to complex problems and not shy away from obstacles
To empower our young people, providing places at decision-making tables...welcoming the challenges they pose even to those who work alongside them for justice
To not give up even when our many plans, projects and initiatives do not take root the first time, or the second or the third...

O True Wisdom:
If we truly believe that peace is possible in our lifetime, then work first within us
That we might be truly peacemakers in every aspect of our lives
Understanding that peace is not simply the absence of war
But also an abundance of food, equality, security, health, education, and a prosperity that benefits all.

As all peoples,
may we transform a world charmed by profit, power and proliferation
into a world where even
the oldest grandmother and the most vulnerable baby
the healthiest athlete and the most disease-ridden beggar
the educated and the mentally-challenged
the victim and the perpetrator..


will know that their lives are precious,
that they will live in abundance,
that they will know peace.


Love and light to everyone,
Elizabeth Dallee
Wico`s President Norway

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