In order to attain peace, we must first define peace.

Although the common definition of peace denotes the absence of war, true peace is a state of being. It is that state of tranquility qualified by the complete absence of conflict.

It is not a precarious lull between hostilities but an enduring existence void of friction.

It is not a finite alliance of mutual tolerance but the harmonious interplay of all factions in synchronous movement.

True peace is pure existence in total accord.

It is that peace, to which we as humanity must aspire.

It is that peace, we as humankind must hold as hallmark.

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Comment by Dina on September 28, 2009 at 5:25am
Hey, Seth. Will this be included in your latest book?
Comment by gill on June 15, 2009 at 8:48pm
Nice to meet you Seth
Comment by Spiral !mpact on March 23, 2009 at 2:28am
Well done Seth,
I completely agree. Here's a "cut" at it from this portal.
Distinguishing Conversations:
Once a person can step back and listen to the chatter that is constantly occurring within their heads, it becomes possible to consider existing “outside of” and “beyond’ that chatter.  You become aware that this chatter is with you as you lie down to sleep and there when you awaken, providing a narrative of everything including oneself.
Peace is the experience of “being still”. Being still means being calm, balanced, at-ease and in harmony with one’s self, the physical universe and all living beings and things. Maintaining this stillness is the path to peace. Committed curiosity about this stillness is all that is required to begin one’s inward journey toward peace. 
When one is still, fears disappear. The courage to be vulnerable is recovered. Acceptance of facts, odds, history and ‘how life really is’ replace these fears and judgments. Connection and being “one-with” become the natural state of existence immediately taking over one’s experience. Primitive and fundamental habit-patterns are altered, shifting attention from reliving incidents from the past to healing them. The moment 50+ million people choose to sustain their existence within this stillness, 1000 years of peace will ensue. To that end, or beginning of a new realm of peace for humanity, let us dedicate our moment- to-moment experience of living.

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