Peace Full Sail For EuroRock: ” Bringing The World Together”

Guitarist and Rocker turned humanitarian, German born, Detlef Kowelewski, forty years of peace. Selling everything he owns to set sail and take his dream by storm a visionary, rocker and man about peace, its time to step up and take notice.
PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK co-founder Detlelf Kowelewski and Lou Ricca, whose mission is bringing humanity together in the name of peace. “We want to bring as many different people together for world peace. Despite our differences of musical genre, nationality, color, looks, creed or political bent. We acknowledge we are of one race, the Human Race and we strive to make this world one.”- Peace Full Sail

One year later and in just a few short days, Detlef and his girlfriend, Spanish born, Lorena Quintero Castellano will set sail once again, this time their destination is Cuba, bringing much needed supplies with them; tooth brushes, eye glasses, and a variety of goods for the unfortunate men, women and children.

Their mission in Cuba will not be easy, as Detlef informed me these are very proud people and it is not easy for them ask or receive help. Detlef and Lorena are determined and passionate about their mission and helping those in need. With their goal set strongly in site, they will find a way to develop friendships, and work their way into the hearts of the Cuban people, so that they are able to aid those who are in need. He spoke passionately about helping people read again, how we don’t think about the simple things in life, until they are gone. He informed me that so many in this world can not even afford a proper pair of glasses and have not read a book in years and how happy he and Lorena were to be able to help them read again.

in-the-mast-2PEACE FULL SAIL, which is a fully equipped floating music studio, and when docked organizes charity events, such as concerts, to raise funds to support their cause. The money is used to sail and maintain the boat so they can continue on their journey, in the name of peace, helping the underprivileged. PEACE FULL SAIL also welcomes those who are interested in joining their journey.

PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK works closely with SAVING WITH INSTRUMENTS AND SOUNDZ (S.W.I.S.S.), founded by Swiss Chris who is the former Music Director and Drummer for 5 time Grammy Winner John Legend and is a Grammy winner himself. Lou Ricca is the director and program director for S.W.I.S.S.

Detlef Kowelewski, the Skipper of PEACE FULL SAIL, is also a band member of KreigerGottes (Warrior of God). Detlef and his band are also nominated for a Grammy in 2010. Stay tuned for more details and rocking in the name of peace.

If you are interested in giving please visit their site and donate to a great cause, or download your favorite song, 100% of the proceeds goes to Peace Full Sail. By the way, in my opinion, the music is hot, raw, and sexy and a bit of a blues sound to it, just like rock n roll should be. Check out some of there videos below. For more information regrinding, PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK, PEACE COMPANY, KREIGERGOTTES, S.W.I.S.S., EUROROCK and DETLEF, and how you can get involved and stand up for peace, please visit:

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