Peace is still in danger in the world and Pakistan

At the moment Pakistan is the center of war on terrorism. Now there are reports that terrorists have been marching towards Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. On the way to Islamabad, the terrorists have played a havoc with the lives of innocent people. They have destroyed villages. More than 4000 people have been killed in the fighting only in Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. The situation is still critical.
According to newspaper report, US special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke warned on Sunday that no other place in the world today faced a more dangerous situation than Pakistan.
In an interview to CNN, Holbrooke said that Pakistan also faced a ‘very difficult economic situation’ and needed immediate help.
‘This is a really dangerous situation in Pakistan today and we are focused on this very heavily,’ said Holbrooke.
Asked if the terrorist threat could cause Pakistan to collapse, the US envoy said that President Asif Ali Zardari and other Pakistani leaders too conceded that it was a very dangerous situation.
‘Swat is not in the tribal areas. It is only 100 miles from Islamabad … it is like East Hampton and Manhattan … people from Islamabad went to Swat for holidays … it is really an extraordinary situation.’
‘Pakistan mattered to the national security of the United States; ‘These are the people who can attack Mumbai, who attack Islamabad, Holbrooke said.
David Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Obama, told ‘CBS Face the Nation’ that Pakistan needed to ‘really focus in on what is a threat to their own stability and what is a threat to the security of the world.’
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, however, told ABC News that the Obama administration had put ‘in place a policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan area that will change that area’ and bring stability to the region.
Axelrod said the biggest threat confronting Pakistan was the ‘growing hegemony of the Taliban and allies of Al Qaeda’ and urged Pakistanis to realise how serious this threat was.
Ambassador Holbrooke termed the current situation in Pakistan as ‘very perilous’ and claimed that the militants operating from Swat and Fata had already increased their reach to Punjab. ‘There can be more terrorist attacks in cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi,’ he warned.
According to an editorial comment, if anyone was ever focused on the developments in Hangu, a town within the administrative jurisdiction of the NWFP, he/she could have predicted the latest violence committed there by the TTP warlord Baitullah Mehsud. The violence against the Shia of Hangu had gone on but without moving the conscience of anyone in Pakistan. On Saturday, a suicide bomber drove a van full of explosives into a security checkpost in Doaba on the outskirts of Hangu, killing 27 security personnel.
Mr Baitullah Mehsud is angry at Pakistan for fighting the American war against his Tehreek-e Taliban in general, and for not stopping the American drones from attacking his area in particular. He says he can do more. He has already threatened Lahore and Karachi and doesn’t have to boast about hitting Islamabad because he can do it easily without offending the population there, a large chunk of which follows the spiritual message of Maulana Abdul Aziz, the custodian of the Red Mosque who has just been released on bail by the Supreme Court on grounds of “insufficient evidence”.
In fact, Mr Baitullah Mehsud doesn’t have to mount a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan. He has already won most of them and is now challenging the establishment to “follow the people” and not the Americans. The ANP government in the NWFP has sued for peace and won a kind of “reprieve of the defeated” while confronting the “liberal” community with the reality of what is happening on the ground. The government in Islamabad wants to fight the war against terror but has told the international community that its perception of threat is different from theirs.
Islamabad described its position on the threat of terrorism quite clearly when it told the Americans recently that it can actually reject economic assistance if it comes with conditions that are not in line with its “national interest”. There is also a gradual streamlining of the perception of threat between the ruling party and the army on the one hand and the opposition and the army on the other. The opposition has its ears close to the ground, anticipating political trouble before the incumbent government completes its five-year term. There is, unfortunately, a large section of opinion on how not to fight terrorism. And terrorism here doesn’t simply mean confronting Mr Mehsud.
This gelling opinion is based on the threat coming first from India and then from America. There is a lot of incomprehensible mishmash of thinking here but this is how the scene is set. Baitullah Mehsud is asking Pakistan to abandon the Americans or at least get them to stop the drone attacks on him. In Pakistan, it is increasingly being said that Baitullah Mehsud is being paid by both America and India to mount terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. To what end, one may ask? The conspiracy-theorists’ answer is apparently simple, “to destabilise Pakistan”. And why is the US doing it? Because, say the conspiracy theorists, the US is ganged up with India to reduce Pakistan to the position of a lackey of hegemonic India. And, of course, all that anticipates the conversion of South Asia into a pro-American bastion against China, according to these people.

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Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on April 23, 2009 at 4:24pm
Thank you very much my dear friend Harinder Pal Singh for your kindness. I have heard a sentence from someone which hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I am also hoping for the best, but also praparing myself for the worst. I am praying to God the Great to protect from all harms. I am also needing your prayers. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this live and in the life hereafter if there is any.
Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on April 22, 2009 at 8:08pm
Hi Khurshid,

Well optimistic people always have better future so always hope for the best .as after every dark night their will be a beutiul morning and donno worry about that as if bad das are going on these days in pakistan then definately after some time life will be much better as of now.So dont worry ...for the time being just play safe and just have hope and trust on god ,.soon normal life will start and we all wll be appy on that day
Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on April 22, 2009 at 12:22pm
Thank you very much my dear friend Harinder Pal Singh for your kind wishes. Now I think something better will happen. I am hopeful. Actually I am optimist. I have lost my home during fighting. I have lost my job as before the fighting I was working an English daily being published from Peshawar as reporter. Now I am jobless. I have no home, but still I am optimist of better days, the days when we will be able to enjoy life in this world.
Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on April 22, 2009 at 11:54am
Dear Khurshid,

Your words are really very true and i am also having same kind of feeling deep inside my heart as we all are human beings and are tought by every religion that "GOD IS ONE" even then i cant understand Y people are fighting on name of religions and boundries.
Actual reason behind this is those antisocial elements ,who dont wanna see this earth in a peaceful stage and now people should have to be awake and understand the truth otherwaise this earth will not be less then a hell.
As Taliban has taken control over banjour today .....i dnt think they will take much time to reach islamabad .
Now i pray to god that time will not come and i also request all the countries of world to help pakistan in this terrible situation to fight against these militant groups .so that there should be peace in pakistan and all over the world.
Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on April 21, 2009 at 11:29am
My dear friend Harinder Pal Singh,
Thank you very much for your good words for me. Corruption is the root cause of terrorism in this part of the world. Actually the rulers have been promoting terrorism. I see no reason that we may fight that we are Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs. I think everyone in this world has the right to lead his/her life according to her belief. This is universal right given to the men and women by Creator this universe. I think we can live with our belief in this world. I think the partition on the basis of religion is wrong. All the religions are teaching us to live with peace and tolerate other people. I think we must tolerate each others. Situation in Pakistan is the worst as unfornately this country is being ruled by the feudals. The feudals have been using the religions for achieving their ulterior motives.
We all are brothers and sisters as human being. I think our Creator is the same as we have the same bodies and same feelings. We have the same hearts. We are one. Now the real problem is saving the system both in Pakistan and India. Through honesty we can save this world from further deaths and destruction. Again thank you very much for your kind words for me.
Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on April 21, 2009 at 10:12am
You are absolutely right Khurshid,Actually this whole thing is just a result of corruption and nothing more then that....when pakistan and india gets devided in 47 even then its just due to corruption of politicians coz both hindu and muslim leaders wanna rule over the country..but ultimately when they were unable to compromise on this issue then they decided to pratition between India and Pakistan leading to death of thousands of innocent people,earlier hindus ,mulims or any other religion people live together but these corrupt leaders wanna have this partitioned countries coz of their own interest coz they wanna rule and as a result of that this situation occured that both countries treatt each other as enemy.Peple thinking has been changed.
If that partiton did not happened at that time...then at this time No alquaida or Afghanistan or any other power will have darred to do anything.So ultimately what happened was due to this corrupt politics and what i currently happening is also due to same corrupt politics .

Wll u are right,i am having gr8 knowledge abt pakistani situation becoz my ancestors are migrated from pakistan during partition and more over my home town is just 4 kms from pakistan line of control.When ever there is tension between both countries then our life gets effected...We forced to leave our homes and we people unable to Sow crops in our fields as whole area gets capturd by army.Well khurshid i am feeling very nice to talk to you on this topic.
Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on April 20, 2009 at 3:10pm
My dear Harinder Pal Singh,
I think you are absolutely right. The main cause of terrorism is the rampant corruption. The system is weak as it is corrupt. When Pakistan has decided to eliminate terrorism the jehadis have also launched a war against the state. The state is collapsing because the system is corrupt. I think the same will be the situation in India. It is also finding hard to counter as the system there is also corrupt. Leaders of both Pakistan and India, I think, are the same. The people are also the same. You can understand in Pakistan if you look into the system of India. You are right in the past Pakistan has fully supported terrorists. Your observation is absolutely right. I think you have great knowledge of the Pakistani situation.
Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on April 20, 2009 at 2:19pm
Hi Muhammad Khurshid,
Well all the facts given by you are absolutely true and are just the facts that are happening in pakistan these days but can anybody interested in knowing why this situation arise in pakistan and not to any other countries .this is because earlier pakistan has provided shelter to Jihadi leaders and Alquida chiefs and even provided them all the VIP facilties but when pakistan denies to provide them shelter anymore under international pressure then this situation occured.otherwise earlier it was never heard about blasts in pakistan piligrims or that much terror in pakistan .So this situation in pakistan is due pakistan polices that they used earlier to destablise india with help of terrorists by giving them ground and providing them help against india as recently observed during Bombay attacks .
So that is same as "As you sow so shall you reap"

Moreover now terorrism is not a danger for pakistan only but also to all other countries as if they take control over pakistan then definately will try to disturb the enviroment in all neighboring countries like India and if this situation arises then it will definately lead to world war,

So please lemme know i am wrong anywhere

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