I am a complicator by nature with a burning desire for more simplicity, as I suspect many of us are. In trying to simplify my thoughts on peace, eg. what it means, what it looks like, and how we might find it, this is what I have come to...

Peace--both inner AND outer--is realized when an individual recognizes and respects our equal value, shared human nature, individual significance, and interdependence as human beings and lives accordingly.

In doing so, we become the dream team that we were created to be--each member having respect, gratitude, forgiveness, and love for the other, serving and lifting his/her teammates in times of need, sharing their unique talents and gifts with others, living responsibly as individuals for the good of all, collaborating and cooperating in harmony to overcome challenges together, sharing great success and victories, and valuing our relationship with each other and God above all else.

The power of love drives us Individually to strive to be the best we can be for our team realizing the importance of our teammates and contribution we make in their lives! We feel gratitude for our teammates and the contributions they make to our lives. We no longer need to seek approval, for we see that we are exactly who humankind needs us to be! As we fulfill our unique purpose in supporting the whole and experience peace with one another, we find individual peace and fulfillment.We begin to see that the only real enemy we encounter is ourselves via negative and limiting thoughts, fear, doubt, judgments on self and others, pride and ego. With humankind on our side, we can finally start to master ourselves now that we no longer feel the need to master each other!

So for me, peace can be summarized even beyond the statement above to one little word..."we". I use this word to remind me that we are team, that each individual can and does make a difference, that I must step up and be who I was created to be for my team, and that I must be loving, grateful, accepting, forgiving, and willing in regards to myself and to my fellow human beings!

Love and Respect to all,


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