PEACE MAY FIND ITSELF, an evolution rant

mighty macrocosmic
amino acid-triggered zipper.
the gregarious mysterious
geometric gene structure.
the product of
intelligence directed
random dispersed
unnatural and natural selection
survival of the necessary
card-shuffling DNA/RNA reticulation
using microcosmic, microscopic
chemical powered
organic computers
of unfathomable
science-defying complexity and power
bearing unpredictable
imprecise protection power
for the dominant earth biped.

conscious and unconscious
sexual propagation hunger.
survival driven traits
called 'beautiful,' 'sexy'
as recognition
of healthy, comfortable, reproductive
breasts, pelvis, butt cheeks.
muscles and fat in the right places.
rich skin and resistance to disease.

instinctive morality
species procreation
supportive rules
killing snaps the chain
hating breaks the mind
lying bends reality
cheating stops trust
stealing shakes the spirit

human awareness of
swollen population pressure
as it triggers
nature natural necessary
rapid directed deliberate drift
in the genetic arrangement

that we embrace,
at least accept,
non replicating
behaviors and conditions
as resulting from
natural selection of
DNA computer solutions
to unsustainable population pressure
as random rapid, direct deliberate drift
in the genetic macrocosmic
computer’s arrangements
which yield with increasing frequency
gay - unisex- crippled-handicapped
and extreme acts of violence
and self destruction.
rapidly raising acceptable levels
of self-effacing, self emulation,
obesity, eating disorders,
learning disabilities, autism
and mass death by disease

LET US Acknowledge
an overpopulated planet-wide ecosystem
slowly destroyed, consumed by
a powerful biped pestilence
converting necessary natural resources
into unnecessary unnatural toys
they burying them
back into the earth
an indestructible cancer
an angry waring violence
a bleeding planetary crises

LET US consider
the link between
an increasing planetary crises
violent storms, non violent droughts
increasing numbers of
non-reproductive behaviors
all working smoothly together
to solve
a sensed pending crises

the next generation
of problem solvers!
less conventional!
the less inhibited!
the taller, the stronger, the smarter!
Accept radical change.
Out with the old,
in with the new.
Let nature have her way with us.

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Comment by papaed on February 13, 2009 at 3:22pm
Thank you for reading/commenting on my Evolution piece. So many people in this world resist change, The USA has been dominated for years by a "conservative" despot, a person exercising power tyrannically. I wrote this 2 or 3 years ago, partially as a reaction to that. I think it's a hopeful message to consider that the sea of humanity is ultimately guided and controlled by a combination of our evolving genetic sequence and by our planet's natural balancing processes. It's relatively slow, but it can be said that if we do too much destruction to ourselves, the macrocosmic will of man will react strongly to impede that destruction and our DNA will evolve to lift up a more protective, loving, tolerant impulse.

So I ask the question... if we do too much destruction to our planet, will the planet increase earthquakes, floods, destructive weather, fires to counteract and maybe slow the destruction? Like scratching an itch. An itch caused by one small aspect of the evolved natural world, humans, crawling on the surface eating and destroying.

Maybe I've expressed this better in this response than in the original piece?
Comment by Patriciainsweden on February 13, 2009 at 3:00pm
Hi Papaed!

I just read your Manifesto to look for solutions..I´m an inventor.. designer..I´m not tall which is a minus (or have I missed something?) of your high scientist proposal?

You have a point there!..we need the smartest but what good that would do if that smart who we all are waiting for is a come you don´t mention key words compassion, empathy or civil courage?

I just wonder!

All my blessings and love ..Patriciainsweden! and blessed with the gift of DYSLEXIA..and a tru pacifist!

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