Heart to heart, Christian, Muslim and Jewish children are reaching for the stars!

As a courtesy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is allowing certain items for use as mementos to be taken aboard shuttle mission STS-129. Our preschool has been given the opportunity to send a banner into space! It's in the shape of a spacecraft, it would involve the children and connect with Archie Harte (Heart to Heart). Archie Harte had a vision of the YMCA to be a place when persons of different faiths walk through the doors, that it be a place where they can coexist peacefully and exchange their ideas and appreciate one another no matter what their background. When an astronaut looks back to the earth from space they say that they see this beautiful earth that looks so peaceful and you do not see the borders or the strife or conflict, just like the goals the YMCA, particularly the Jerusalem YMCA strives toward.

The process of making our banner from beginning to end is on my facebook homepage!

Peace, Shalom and Salam,
Adena Levine,
Jerusalem International YMCA
Peace Preschool Director

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