Pendulum (The Battle Between You & You)

back and forth, to and fro
i can't take it, so here i go
out the door, away from you
but i can't take that either, i would miss you
torn between two different loves
the one that loves me and the one that doesn't
but to say either doesn't love me isn't really fair
i know that both of you do and that both of you care
the problem is that you're both in one head
i feel like i'm watching a fight and taking bets
on which one will give out and finally give in
on whether you will or won't want me in the end
it's incredible to watch and, in a way, endearing
some days i can smile and others find myself tearing
it's a miraculous struggle between you and you
and amazing one person could be so split into two
back and forth, to and fro
i can't take it, so here i go
i'm commencing my groveling- which one of you is this?
is it the one of you that wants me or the one that won't risk it?
i guess i don't really need to ask that- it doesn't really matter
i want to learn to live with you both- the former and the latter
i never thought in a single relationship i'd say 'i love you both'
it certainly is an interesting concept- it'll keep me on my toes
pippa, dear, i'm not poking fun- you are my one, fire and sun
and i'll take you no matter in how many pieces you come
but watching the battle has certainly taken its toll
with every back and forth i feel pain in my soul
my heart goes out to you and with you stays
a part of it, at least, for the rest of your days
regardless of the outcome- the decision you, in two, make
i hope you'll come together and see what's at stake
my opinion, at least, is that we're better together
but being apart may be the storm we must weather
so back and forth the pendulum goes
slower and slower, but still to and fro
i'm sure it will someday come to rest
and that the decision you make will be the best

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Comment by Terri on January 4, 2010 at 6:06pm
very cool, I truly hear you.... thank you for pointing out the amazement in all this
Comment by Rea Simola on December 12, 2009 at 4:39pm
Comment by Nicolle Theresa-anna Jones on November 25, 2009 at 7:33pm
thanks for posting, i enjoyed reading your poems

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