Personal Branding vs.Corpoate Branding

I am often asked how an individual can brand themselves and if personal branding is as valuable as corporate branding.
Personal branding can single an individual out as an expert in their field, but are there downfalls to personal branding vs. company branding?
Truth is personal branding is easier than company branding. Why? Because if you believe in your talent, in your skills and ability - it's easier to sell what you believe in. Your image is already created - you just have to market it. How do you market yourself? That's easy. You must become:
A pro in your industry; an expert in your field.
With that said are there downfalls to personal branding? Absolutely. Unless you plan to work until your last living day, it will be difficult to transition the brand to someone else. After all you are the BRAND! If you are ok with the fact that in order to transition out of the brand you will need to create a new one that your consumers can grasp onto then personal branding may just be for you.
When branding yourself remember that you must create a strong and consistent brand. You cannot skimp just because it's about you.
Strong brands are clear about who they are and what they are not; which is why branding yourself can be an easy process. You already know who you are and what you are not. Strong brands are also consistent; it's easy to be consistent in who you are.
Let's take for example Madonna. She was her brand. Since the start of her career she has had the ability to change consistently throughout her career. This made her stand out from among other performers. This in essence strengthened her individual brand.
By branding yourself effectively you will:
• Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.
• Build a solid reputation within your industry.
• Increase your notoriety and improve your perceived value in the marketplace.
The key to successfully branding yourself and doing it effectively is to first establish a personal brand identity. Once you have done that focus that message on who you are and what you stand for within your chosen field. Your final step is to get the word out through a variety of media channels that are viewed by the people most likely to be interested in your message.
As people begin to see your name and become aware of the benefit and knowledge that you offer, before you know it thousands of people will not only know who you are but they will begin to seek out your services and expertise. They will identify with your brand which is YOU.

Lisa Simpkins
Community Marketing University

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Comment by Lisa Simpkins on March 19, 2009 at 9:58pm
Thank you it is appreciated.If you like you can copy and re-post it elsewhere.

Comment by Candice Wilmore on March 19, 2009 at 8:11pm
Interesting, thanks. I'll pass along.

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