Places and Faces. From Umbria (Italy)

Tomorrow I will be having a photography show here in Italy. It will be my very first show that is not the collection of photographs from China. It is the first time I will show photos that are large - in centimeters they are 50x70 and up to 70x100.
The theme of the show is something that I am interested in - here on iPeace and off: that is getting people from different countries together. Getting to know each other. Opening up to who is "different".
The show features people from countries I have visited - China, USA, Italy, England, Spain. I stopped people and asked to photograph them. It was great, I love to do that. I like to make people feel special, by giving them attention and by letting them know that their face interests me, or what they are doing, no matter how humble, attracts my attention and is worthy of showing to others.
It will be quite an interesting experience for me - to see what people say, to see their expressions. I am very curious indeed. I hope to open people up to others. It is something I have always like to do, and through photography, I am learning that it is a good means to do so.
If you are in town, please, drop in!
By the way, these are the eyes of three swing dancers from Hollywood! Stay tuned for more photos once the show gets underway.

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