Please help our American brothers & Sisters in Alabama US


Dear Friends I request you please help our American brothers and Sisters in this hard time (Alabama Damage tornado damages)  You help and kind concern will be highly appreciated.

Regards, love and Peace Rashad Javed

Former: chairman Hope Development Organization (NGO) Pakistan.



TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The tornadoes roared into cities like runaway freight trains, devouring houses, leveling entire neighborhoods and burying people who scrambled to get away under mounds of dirt and rubble.

The twisters ripped through six states killing at least 297 people -- 210 in Alabama alone -- in the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in almost 40 years.

Rescuers used pieces of debris as makeshift stretchers for survivors. Relatives frantically tried to find family members who were missing. And those who did survive were in shock at what they saw around them.

"There's not a word for what you see," said Becky Russell, spokeswoman for the Salvation Army's Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi (ALM) Division as she surveyed the damage in Tuscaloosa. "This has to be close to what a war zone looks like. I can turn in any direction and there is nothing normal standing."

"It happened so fast it was unbelievable," said Jerry Stewart, 63, a retired firefighter who was picking through the remains of his son's wrecked home in Pleasant Grove, a suburb of Birmingham, Ala. "They said the storm was in Tuscaloosa and it would be here in 15 minutes. And before I knew it, it was here."

Stewart and his wife, along with their daughter and two grandchildren, survived by hiding under their front porch. Friends down the street who did the same weren't so lucky. Stewart said he pulled out the bodies of two neighbors whose home was ripped off its foundation.

Alabama had confirmed 195 deaths, Gov. Robert Bentley said. The other deaths were in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky.

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