Please check out Mahmoud Jabari Blog He needs your vote so he can be chosen to go to Davos Youth Forum. He needs your vote before the end of January. look for “Vote” If you are pro peace in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis vote yes
Hello Mahmoud Jabari

Thank-you for your words of inspiration, wisdom and hope. If more Palestinian voice like your could be heard outside Palestine. There would not be the Palestinian crisis we have today. Keep up the good faith and great work. Glad I met you on it is a great platform to meet people working for Peace in Palestine. David Global Crier

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Comment by David Crier on January 13, 2010 at 9:50pm

Let there be more love
World leaders that are doves

A world with fewer guns
More mothers with their sons

Instead of fighting war
We help the poor

With all of our might
We are not always right

People have to care
To make things fair

Let there be more flowers
With all of our powers

Let there be peace
In the Middle East


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