polyurethane cushion. It is adaptable to different parts and emphas

Shoes, badminton shoes, is hidden and does not leak air cushion design. Blow molding of polyurethane cushion is the most widely used up air cushion, cushion series of well-known brands such as Nike sneakers with air cushion is polyurethane cushion. It is adaptable to different parts and emphasize different features as well as the wearer's age-specific designed into different situations, such as internal pressure, different structures, different thickness and different colors to the different function of damping effect and different energy return and with sneakers echoing the design of the other parts, to synchronized visual and sensory effects. 2, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) PVC-wide source of raw materials, cost of
Low, sophisticated production techniques and different depending on the additives and chemicals can produce transparent and opaque produc  adidas springblade razor uk  ts, as well as different products, such as hard and soft, so the color changes can be quickly echoed on sneakers with color variations. But low PVC impact strength, heat deformation, elastic than polyurethane. Soft PVC mattress series, with Yao Wo parts with a thermoplastic polyurethane. Specific structural changes have the following 2 species: ① air evenly distributed among two or three column, realization of main s   adidas js wings 2.0 uk hock absorber rebound effect is also dependent on the gas column; II, cushioned by two air bags connected by a cylindrical Chamber, and no gas. 4) gas tube
Cushion: use slide technology, materials such as PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane, colour can vary as needed, you can apply transparency effects, matte, laser effects, and so on, different shapes and lengths can be used for different parts of forefoot, followed by both sides or on both sides, followed by the entire round. 5) oval cushion: divided into two windowed and recessed design, open window designs columns, hidden just a balloon, you can fill the gas can be pumped into the oil and other liquids. 6) circular air cushion designed for concealed, can be filled with a gas or poured into the oil and other liquids. Four, forefoot cushion is thin, less than heel cushioning and flexibility requirements, the shape of 2: 1, similar to the ball of the foot shape: metatarsophalangeal joints designed to rest with the whole Palm cushion the balls of. 2, tube

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