Dearly Beloveds...

Greetings from Santa Barbara California USA, Planet Earth....

It's late afternoon here now, the sun is just going down over the mountain, the sky is a soft blue with fine fingers of white clouds...

Today has been another very creative day. There is a kind of power flowing, something is pushing its way through. I keep coming back to this iPeace site, and all the lovely attractions here. Maybe it's that song, Imagine -- is it being sung in Yiddish? I am just guessing...

You can say I am a dreamer -- but I am not the only one. I am so glad to be in the company of all these lovely dreamers...


So, ok, I have some ideas....

I thought maybe I would put some stuff here. I want to put these ideas down in writing, and I want to say these things here, to these dreamers -- to you guys, whoever you are, wherever you are -- all these beautiful girls and wise women and strong men, all these people with heart, all these people feeling the throb, feeling the pulse.

I've been doing these internet projects for a long time. I've had these kinds of visions for a long time. But here everything is new, and there is so much to learn, so much to discover, so many new things. This iPeace is an exciting place. I am learning from it. It's fun, it's inspiring.

Maybe what I am thinking is -- maybe something really exciting could emerge. Of course -- love and connectivity is always exciting. It's exciting to connect with somebody 10,000 miles away, somebody with a heart full of love and caring, somebody I can touch, and who can touch me...

What I am thinking is -- there has to be a powerful way forward.

We know so much. There is so much out there today. So much knowledge, so much insight, so much technical capacity. And there -- is such a wide range of wisdom. Maybe the spirit isn't really all that mysterious now -- at least in some ways. Maybe we can figure out a way -- to "come together" -- even through we are very different -- and the energies can be intense...

This man -- David Califa -- who made this web-place. I watched a video of him yesterday, of him being interviewed on (I guess) Israeli television. That was fun. The interviewers were energetic, they challenged him hard. David smiles, he comes back strong. He can speak out of the spirit. He knows something....

I thought it was interesting that David is in Israel. That's a place -- that can use some new energies for peace.

I've been thinking about how the internet might help do something for mid-east peace -- for a long time. I've got friends across various borders -- who might not like each other very much. And I've met some people from other sides of various borders -- who are totally in love with one another.

There were some Mideast women who came to Santa Barbara a year or two ago -- a group called "Beyond Words". Israeli women, Palestinian women. They were beautiful, they told funny stories, they told sad stories, they loved each other...

At first, I didn't understand the meaning of their name -- "Beyond Words". I thought perhaps it meant -- that they were able to communicate so deeply -- that they didn't need mere language to connect. But no, the beautiful lady explained the name. It means, she said -- that we have felt a pain -- that cannot be spoken. It is too powerful, it is too deep -- it is Beyond Words...

I have some ideas on some things that might happen. I think it would make sense to write some of those ideas here. I don't know if anybody will see what I write here -- but I think I will do it anyway. I'll write another post soon.

Portal to Unity. That's the dream that is pushing in me right now. Many blessings to all you beautiful people. The sky is getting more golden now. See you soon...

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Comment by Murtaza on January 8, 2009 at 3:46pm
I have been moved by the comment of Bruce Schuman, so I am writing. It is so frustrating to talk of peace, yet t the very instant the talking is going on, sozens of shells are bombarding some cities around the world and striking out the life of somebody, or maiming him/her, for no fault of his/her own.
But the way Bruce has put it, now I see a reason to go forward. However, I wish this site puts forward a plan of action to follow to move towards peace.
Comment by Claudia Henzler - HENZLERWORKS photos with a message on January 4, 2009 at 6:22pm
Dear Friends on IPeace,

I love to share a short video that I discovered on Youtube yesterday.... I think it perfectly displays the hopes and feelings so many of us experience in life:

May there be peace!
Greetings from Vienna
Comment by Ron Dean 09 on January 3, 2009 at 3:59pm
A Portal to Unity . How could something unify about six point eight billion people , to stop fighting ?

Is there something , about the mutual benefit to Humanity , that we do not see clearly enough .

We are all one species , yet we are divided into so many opposing groups and countries .

Could looking back in history , show us where our species , became divided ?

As a child in school , I was told to learn History , so as not to repeat Histories mistakes .

Are there mistakes that we keep repeating , as a result of how we tend to view our History ?

Will we repeat Easter Islands mistake ? Or will we look away back , to Africa , then reunite our species .

One family group , much much larger now , and care for our grandchildrens future .

Peace on Earth , is goodwill to every living thing . Sincerely Ron .

PS did you see the announcement by Irans President on that video today .

No more fighting over Religion , He claimed .
Comment by Bruce Schuman on December 31, 2008 at 9:58pm
oh people

thank you for your messages, so much

i was going to do some work today. little lights are blinking, there are things to do. but -- this iPeace calls to me. you who are here -- you call to me...

or maybe -- it is a broader call -- just a simple -- cry out the world, to everywhere, to God...

so, i hear that call -- in my body. so, i have to be here right now, and try to say something, even though it won't be enough, and i will need to say it 1,000 times more...

what i just did -- was go through every comment here -- i think there are 39 now -- and read them all carefully. i watched a substantial video, on "beyond words", a poem by Suheir Hammad, that was suggested. i wrote down one sentence she said. "there is still love in us"

i could read all these messages again. i could write a detailed reply to every one of them. i could say thank you to every person who posted something here. who gave something of themselves, who brought a vision, an idea, some warmth, a soft touch, some plan or vision, some call for something to expand and grow. that would be a good meditation for me -- just do it again. do it five times, just read them all five times...

there is so much here in this network, this iPeace. so, i am feeling some tension, some sorrow, some agony, some sense of mere human incapacity, some sense of the numbing force of steel wheels -- and the softness of our mere words, like flower petals, to slow those forces...

i read something a night or two ago, from a passionate and capable activist -- who was asking "what is the point?" why -- do we gather here -- and say these sweet things to one another -- preaching to the choir, as it were... he was asking what we can do, and saying -- that if we do nothing, he will have to move on...

i understand that. i could feel that too. what is the point -- of simply piling up the rose petals...

but all day -- this same thought keeps rising in me. it's always the same. it's like the grass. it grows, it just keeps growing...

this thought -- i could say this 1,000 ways, and they would all be inadequate -- but the point is: we DO know the answer. we do.

people. we do know the answer. we have it in us. we have said it 1,000 times -- 100,000 times -- right here in this network...

so, i can't help but feel -- that there really is only one thing to do -- despite the softness of our dreams, the vulnerability we all feel, the ache that rises in us -- we -- must -- do what we know is true...

that is the only answer. that's what we have to do...

so, that is why we are here. that is why we write all these messages, and click all these clicks.

something is forming here. it's like a cloud, just gathering. yes, it is soft. it's vulnerable. it's naive and silly. but it's there -- and it's fertile, and creative, and nurturing, and safe -- and it amplifies human genius...

the lady said it in her poem beyond words. there is still love in us. that love --

that love -- is an infinite power -- that interconnects everything. it is everywhere. that love -- is the answer we all know inside ourselves. it is the message we have been pouring into this network, from every city and nation around the world.

something in me -- is pushing -- for a way to bring this energy into focus. i know there is brilliance everywhere. i know there are answers, and genius insights, and the sweetest and most beautiful love. i want to say -- let's do something

and then i say to myself -- bruce, just listen... watch, read, wait, listen... read these messages again. thank these people in person, one at a time...

i want to stamp my foot, and demand forward progress. i want to say -- we can do this! i want to say -- there are enormous resources at our fingertips. there is -- unprecedented creativity ahead of us. we are not only -- praying to cure the world of its violence. we are praying -- to launch a new civilization, based on wisdom...

i want to say -- that i live -- to help that civilization be born. i want to say -- that i cannot bear this not to happen.

but i also know -- that i must listen. i know -- that this -- is not something i can do alone...

there is in me a kind of fury of lightning -- that demands this forward energy. and there is a quietness, that says -- be peaceful and receive...

so, i think what i will do -- is go back to some of these little blinking lights, and do a little work here. but i am feeling all of this, and i am so grateful to each of you very special people -- with your dreams, your skills, your expertise, your years of goodness, that you bring into this place. this gift you bring -- is a treasure -- for all of us. this hope you bring -- is, for me -- vibrantly alive. it is thrillingly alive.
Comment by patty on December 31, 2008 at 6:39am
Beautifully Said, my friend BRUCE.
IF there is a tranquility place on Earth to choose from, one where you can put your mind to rest, Santa Barbara would be the place. (I love Santa Barbara )
May God bless you,
Comment by emilio astier peña on December 31, 2008 at 3:17am
oh thanks for your peacefully words from zaragoza ,spain, they sound very good and sweet in the heart.....thanks

this afternoon l go to the outside of the city......near de trees, the silence, the fog........and just listen the loving silence, the peace, the serenity of nature............our mother, l need this contact daily, just this silence give the ligth and the energy to have faith in life.......because the mistery tell silence, silence, silence.....the living silence

a great hug from zaragoza, spain

Comment by janflora on December 30, 2008 at 8:48pm
very nice post...i do believe it is happening too through this portal and many other ways. I am so happy to have found this space and look forward to learning and sharing more too :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Comment by Kelton on December 29, 2008 at 11:16pm
Yes, someone will read it.

I like what igirex08 expresses about going beyond borders. We can do this in principle and effectively in our own little borders each day in our routine activities, which is what I do. Face all the issues and apply them in my own little life. How lovely to know there are others, like her in Finnland, who feel the same way. It's great to see all the international responses. And don't just write with your head ... let it serve your heart. You're doing a great job, Bruce, and you're doing it for all of us. Nice to imagine you appreciating the beauty in Santa Barbara.

The portal is in each of us. The power of many human hearts on the same page is unbelievable. Wage Peace!
Comment by Debra Silver on December 29, 2008 at 10:57pm
We are all dreamers...for without them we could not create our reality and our visions for a wonderful vibrant planet filled with harmonious beings of all the kingdoms...and beyond...
My new year's resolution is find my voice and allow my words to speak from my soul...and I thank you for starting me on my way with this blog you have begun...megwetch, Toda, shalom
Comment by Carol Gamel on December 29, 2008 at 4:44pm
You struck a chord with me about being a dreamer. I am. I admit it. And as a dreamer I feel very frustrated with the lack of peace everywhere I look. It's not just the Mideast, but also close to home we are having armed robberies and domestic violence. I feel so helpless. I don't know these violent people. I don't want to know these violent ones.

I ponder on how I can make a difference. The best solution I have at this point is to contact my representatives in Washington and make certain that they know how I feel. They need to start representing the people, not big business. So that's my New Year's resolution - to let Washington hear me, loud and clear.

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