process, perhaps you can start to customize the network

process, perhaps you can start to customize the network  nike magista obra fg began. In fact, Anta, special steps such as some brands have already launched a network customization, basically every visible part of the shoe, such as sets of eyes, laces, soles, brand LOGO can be personalized. But how to become a real show ADIDAS Originals creative and personalized brand to highlight its long tradition of customization Tide brand? Domestic sports brand is indeed still a long way to go. Zhang rub Xidelang (China)  nike mercurial superfly fg Co., Ltd. Planning manager has his own some of this view: customization is DIY, in theory, DIY stuff, through the network easy to implement, low cost, independent and strong, easy to promote However, many brands are playing the concept, few actually perform together.

"Around us, there are many sports brands do similar activities, but not as an extension of the development of a product, but short-term branding. Were DIY through the network, the audience through several templates or elements makes up their own online simple creative shoes, but to really like NIKE ID, ADIDAS Originals as the web experience and brand experience closely, companies also need to strengthen the control and the trend in terms of brand meaning. in addition, the industry away from the land that, by the sporting goods industry characteristics and cost constraints,

individuals feel sneakers difficult to really like custom suits, business men like to promote, however, there is a demand market, regardless of customization, restructuring, as long as the business intentions, find services on site, it may be appropriate consumer groups recognized by .6 March 21, Chinese sportswear and footwear manufacturer Jordan Sports (microblogging) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jordan Sports") issued a statement, said it has canceled the US basketball superstar Michael Jordan's children part may be misunderstood trademark names, etc. in this regard, welcomes Jordan Michael Jordan sports: never used these marks the end of February this year, said outside Michael Jordan, Jordan sports unauthorized use of its Chinese name, and even tried to use it the child's name in business activities, has filed a lawsuit in a Chinese court, and claims 50 million yuan for mental damages .3 6 March, the Shanghai second

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