Put Your Heart in God’s Hands
Message from Archeia Lady Charity

Received by Julie Miller
March 15, 2014



Relatively Beautiful Hearts, your own actual heart sits in the center of your body just like the sun sits relatively in the center of the planetary bodies that are held snuggly within a field of gravity. Let us think about the heart for a moment. Have you ever wondered over the mysteries of the heart? Did you know that the insect called a gnat and the majestic whales that swim in your seas have almost the same amount of heartbeats in their lifetime? This beautiful heart that is snugly positioned inside your body has a steady rhythm and helps to keep the flow of blood moving through your body – it is vital to your survival.


Your heart can be viewed as having more than one dimension when you speak from spiritual terms and understanding. Your heart is also perceived as being a reflection from God whose own life pours into yours in order to bring awareness to your own life and vitality. It is through your spiritual heart that you gain a certain amount of consciousness and comprehension of your relationship and connection with God, thus compelling you to return to Him through your pure love and devotion, making your way back to His heart that has been filling yours with His Light and Energy. Just as a small droplet of water from a waterfall spray, it originally came from an ocean or sea and in time that droplet of water makes its way back to the sea or ocean – back to its beginning, back to the source from which it came…just like you.


Your very own heart is majestic, it is timeless and even though physically you may feel tired, it is determined to give you life in order for you to live. You already know how special your heart is to your body, but your heart is also special as a spiritual core that is measured to have infinite resources of love and of the capacity to be giving and compassionate. It is like the endless stars in your sky, they are always there giving light and twinkling with vitality and energy – your heart is filled with vital energy and deep inside your heart is a light that connects you to the source of your creation and that source loves you very much.


At the beginning of your own self-discovery, it is through your heart that you come to understand the depth of your potential and from the clarity your heart provides many times you see your current state of living to be dissatisfactory. Many times you find yourself trapped by your unrealized possibilities and opportunities that are waiting for you to discover. The more aware you become of your Self, the more you understand of how incomplete your inner self is and begin to feel yourself being called to bring in the necessary changes that would bring completeness and wholeness to your entire being.


When sadness enters your life due to relationships failing, people departing and so forth you already understand your spiritual heart needs healing. The part of you that is making you incomplete calls to you through each ache you feel out of an unkindness action that you embraced that was sent from one heart to another. Your true spiritual path Beautiful Hearts truly begins with awareness of your Self knowing that your spiritual heart requires love and care and the occasional repair. Your broken heart cannot heal itself, it needs you. When you return to wholeness, your heart is no longer broken. When you embrace God’s Living Light inside your own heart and you allow His Infinite Light to lead you out of your pain and despair, you will find yourself back on the Right Path that is the path of love and compassion.


Have you ever wondered if your own spiritual heart requires healing? Do you know how to tell if it does? Well my Dear Beautiful Hearts, when you spend a lot of time thinking about yourself, or if your thoughts are dark and pessimistic, if you allow your emotions and feelings to control you, where you permit conflicts to occur, you never see the option to put someone else’s interests before your own, where your main feeling of contentment comes only from the pleasure you give to yourself and other similar selfish ways will reveal that your heart needs healing.


The repairing of your beautiful spiritual heart doesn’t come from forging new relationships, or from any attempt to control your social pressures, or any other method you may turn to. Real healing of your spiritual heart can only be achieved through spiritual restoration that is permanent. It is necessary dear ones for you truly see the impracticability of any attempt to realize your whole spiritual heart when you are adding things to it, even if those things are sublime and inspiring. In truth, when you search for solutions of your perceived suffering what you are really doing is sustaining two false, ego-filled notions: the first one is that you are able to climb out of your own un-wholeness by providing your own escape rope; and the second one is that the frightening sense of incompleteness within you—your continuously seeking sense of “i” that propels you along trying to give it what it desires…is somehow related to who you really are. Understand this is not the case; this is not your true authentic and essential self.


It is important Beautiful Hearts to realize and to understand the only real solution to healing your broken heart is by surrendering to your heart and to what you are feeling. Your main task is bring your heart to the only place where such a perfect replacement and restoration of Self is possible and then do nothing to prevent the magic to happen that is healing and restorative. The more you meddle the slower your healing is.


Where do you go when you surrender your heart while learning to let go of your worries and concerns? You go to God. You return to the Heart of your Creator through your soul’s remembrance of this deeply intrinsic relationship. It is here you are able to watch with quiet unbiased awareness of who and what you are through His own ministrations. Only if you are willing to put your heart in God’s hands, where your heart will be healed by celestial heart menders will this be able to be done. Bringing wholeness back into your heart and into your entire being requires your ability to trust God and acknowledge His Heart as the same as your own.


All you need to do Beautiful Hearts is a few times a day, consciously surrender your beautiful spiritual heart to God, and He will give healing and restoration and this will indeed strengthen your relationship with Him. When you seek this repair from God, try to remember that you are a quiet observer to the special and delicate work that God is doing for you. No matter what may be revealed it is essential to remain impartial and at peace through the trust and faith you have in your Fatherly source. When you make an effort, the truth will always teach you the Right way to go.


I AM Archeia Lady Charity through Julie Miller 

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