Re: Kenn-Aid-ian Dreams - Lost In Place, Not In Time (VI, VI, VI x 3)

in a Kenn-Aid-Ian Dream
i see ahead of me
the words i wish
to wear to lead
you where hearts care
lucidly lending Love
faith, help and health
familiar with family
all around
this place
not here
somewhere else
where hearts care
Manchester, Lancaster, London,
St. Helens, Glasgow, Dublin,
Toronto, Ontario, Alberta-
a place where
people wear a healthful
for hearts are
and hearts care
it's free
this place
with a cold, heartless war
in progress, in the process
of being coaxed down; in
a race to integrate
a universal,
maybe, just maybe
in time
we will will that place
where hearts care
to be. here.
where we are...
hearts care-
when healthy-
for all.

Conservative Lead

Inefficacy of procedures pending disqualification
Notification of extinction enclosed
Sounding off with my own disputation
Under duress, un-insured- exposed
Reeling with an illness unchecked
Anxious, alienating- a nervous wreck
No end in sight, no end to this plight
capture, injured, disused- am i right?
Entitled to the right to health? or are these
Crafted reservations of the wealthy few? please...
Oiling the rusty wheels of congress
Motivating to disable and disingenously
Pad themselves by disrupting progress
Aware of their irrelevance, continuously
Noting their right to money for nothing
Yelling incoherently, relentlessly something
Engineering an antidote from the inside
X-ray penetration of halls where 'laws' reside
Tempting torturously with financial favors
Inane antics, weighing paper, ranting
Nothing clever about being against. razors-
Cut into by paper-hungry pirates, bantering
Toward anything but change, deranged
Inching along, playing ball and chain
Only goal: destroy the new form
No matter how many lives are at stake.

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