Reengineering the Goal Seeking Missile

As human beings we are trained by other human beings to continue in the traditions of what we call the past. Our self worth tends to come from three or four primary avenues. We assume our self worth based on our ability (need) to be right, and the approval of others coming from this same ability. We also determine our self worth based on our ability to achieve higher and higher levels of socially established success and accomplishment, the illusion of being the best of something.

Nestled comfortably at the core of all of these things, circumstances or events sits the one measure of our self worth that governs all of the rest - our ability to set, seek and achieve specific "goals". As humans, we have essentially become "goal seeking missiles". We set educational goals, intellectual goals, financial goals and every sort of material goal, then we launch our attack. The problem with this equation is, if we miss our intended target we suffer the self esteem devastating blow of personal failure, and if we hit our intended target, we find that to maintain our sense of self, we have to immediately set a new goal and it must exceed our previous goal. This is a perfect recipe for imminent disaster at some point.

Rather than addressing the secondary or downstream measures of our self worth, I am only going to attend to the core issue of goal setting. There are only two types of goals we can set: realistic goals and unrealistic goals, or real goals and false goals. Real goals reside totally within us and false goals take their existence wholly outside of us in the world of form, and exercise their control from the behavioral level of the ego. Real goals are of the Spirit or of the Authentic Self. The ego wants what it wants and isn't content until it gets it. The catch here is that the ego isn't happy even if it does get it, because it always needs more, and more, and more …

Spiritual goals are achieved at the moment that they are set because it is in the setting of the goal that the shift in ones self occurs. What I intend to do here is to outline an entirely new method of goal setting that is both real and beneficial to the greater good without subjugating the seeming self to the will of the world of form or the behavioral level of the ego. Through this method allowing us to create a win - win situation.

When I wake in the morning I set all of my goals, all at once, for the entire day. As soon as I can remember to after waking in the morning I say to my self "my goal today is to be more peaceful, my goal for today is to be more forgiving, and my goal today is to become more aware of the Love that is all around me". These are real goals since they exist entirely within me and are not contingent upon any conditions, circumstances or events that appear to exist outside of me. Let me try to explain. Let's say that today I am going to the supermarket for some groceries, to the post office to ship a package, and finally I am going to work to perform my job. Let's also say that I am doing these seeming things in that order. Let the day begin …

I set out to the supermarket, and there are people on the road, driving how, well, how people drive. Someone fails to stop at a stop sign and cuts in front of me, and since my goal wasn't to avoid bad traffic there is nothing about this to upset my goals. In fact this person is helping me to keep my goals. I can be peaceful in spite of the seeming outward circumstances, as well I am given the perfect opportunity to express forgiveness for the ordeal, and to top it off, all of this serves to express the Love that is all around me helping me to maintain my goals. When I say forgiveness here I don't mean to pardon some seeming transgression and make it real, I mean to accept that the transgression never took place, not really, only in thought. As well, if my goal were to avoid bad traffic I would already have reason to become angry or frustrated. This anger and frustration would very likely carry with me throughout the rest of my day.

I am only now arriving at the grocery story. At the store if there are rude or unruly people or if the items I came to get in the first place are not in stock, that's okay. I can always go somewhere else later. Since my goal wasn't solely to get these things, I haven't missed any mark or target so there is nothing to make myself feel bad about. And again, I am given every opportunity to be peaceful and forgiving when all seeming outside evidence contradicts this, and by extension I am more aware of that Love that is always around me as I see that this too is helping me to maintain my goals. The same holds true at the post office. If the lines are too long to mail my package before going to work, or the clerks seem to be acting in slow motion, I am again granted another opportunity to express and maintain my goals.

In the face of all of this I find that things actually go rather smoothly, rather than becoming agitated and hostile. Traffic lights turned in my favor, and a stock boy shows up at the last minute with a box to stock a shelf that would contain something that was missing just seconds ago, and a peaceful and loving smile given to rude and unruly people transformed them into smiling shoppers (at least as they passed me by). And both at the supermarket and post office a new service lane opened up just as I got into a position to receive it. Since my goals were not to hurry and scurry and do this and that, I found no reason to be angered or frustrated with what appeared to be going on around me.

Finally when I get to work, I'm not feeling the stress of an overwhelming morning, or frustration of failing to accomplish some unrealistic or false goals. I am feeling just fine, because that was my only goal (peace, forgiveness and Love). If my goals for work were to impress my boss, to exceed my quota for the day or to beat some deadline, any disruption in these plans (false goals) could have a collapsing effect on my entire workday. And if I started out my workday stressed and frustrated from my morning the chances of more anger and frustration being the outcome increase astronomically. Since I had no goals about the specific events or outcome of my workday that were contingent upon the workday itself, I am in control of the outcome, or at least my feelings about the outcome. I am a Creator/participant rather that an observer/victim in all of the events of my day.

Within myself I am allowing my goals of peacefulness, forgiveness and sense of Love to rest gently, and the law of attraction is bringing me everything needed to reflect this into my environment. If my goals were to achieve certain things in a certain timeframe to some pre-conceived end result that I decided I "needed" to accomplish, I could quite possibly miss any one or more of the marks I set for myself. From that point of view I may find reason to become upset, and from there, progress into a deeper state of frustration. The law of attraction would then, by its natural function, attract more things that match that energy - the energy of anger and frustration.

I am not trying to say that if you employ this method that you will never get mad or frustrated again, but when you do you will know that it is because you are attempting to accomplish unrealistic or false goals. You will also know that this is because your ego identity is taking the wheel, so-to-speak. So before you enter into any seeming event or situation during your day, repeat your goal of being more peaceful, more forgiving and more aware of the Love that is all around you. Also do this any time you feel like it throughout the day as a reminder of your purpose in this day, as your ego identity will use every available lever to pry you away from your peace, forgiveness and Love. Forgetfulness is one of the egos most powerful tools because it is the one we allow the most often. It is the ego that is the false king of the false universe of false goals. Placed into the seat of power by us, by turning over our authority to it as a surrogate to the relationship we have with Source.

Try this for a while and see how it works for you. Remember you have attached to the ego identity, or you wouldn't be here in the world of form in the first place. And that attachment isn't going to dissolve on its own; you will have to release it. You cannot detach from it, as detachment is merely negative attachment, and will achieve nothing but self- delusion. When the ego identity rears its ugly head, simply smile at it and know it only seems to exist because you have agreed to it. Over time you will come to realize just how much of your awareness the ego controls (almost all of it). On that same note, becoming aware just how much you have invested into the ego, you can release your thoughts of dependency on the ego identity (actually it cannot live without you, you have no need for it) simply by recognizing the hooks it uses to keep your attention upon it. Do not fight your ego, this simply makes it real to your mind, and continues the control it holds over you (with your permission). That is why you don't want to just detach from it, as that would give it free reign in your mind without you having and conscious awareness of its actions.

Discontinuing unrealistic or false goal setting will help you release the attachment you have with the ego, as this external goal setting process is entirely of the ego identity. This isn't to say that you will never achieve anything again, you will accomplish far more with your mind clear of all of the false rubbish, and your inner power no longer being monopolized and misdirected by the ego identity. Can you see that? You were created complete and whole and perfect - lacking nothing. So all the external goal setting and seeking to improve yourself or attempts to transform yourself are useless. The ego has you preoccupied with these things to keep you from realizing that you are already what you want to be. Transformation means to stop being one thing and start being another. You cannot stop being what you already are, and you cannot become what you already are. To recognize it you need only remove the layers of rubbish the ego has piled upon you over what seems like millions of years.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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