Sacred Heart
Coming to fruition
Quietyly letting go
I relax in that time of Pure Potentential
Of Pure Love
That which existed before the universe began
That quiet emptiness
Where silenly Love whispers
And with my gentle Heart
I listen
With the accepting eyes of Love
I look upon my world
With understanding and compassion
My Spirit soars
With the sight and heart of Love

Love, Our true heritage
Love, Pure Love
That which existed long before the world began
That state of Pure Potential
Vibrant with all possibilities
We, you and I, are the inheritors
Of this Pure Love Potential

From deep withIN our gentle hearts...
From out of the ashes of time after time...
From beyond the silent no-thingness...
Like sun rippened fruit,
Lovingly Letting Go...
Vibrant with all Possibilities...
Some-thing Sacred is being BORN.
>>>Diane Crebo<

"We do without doing and everything gets done"

With the practice of kindness
I dream of letting go of pain...
A solitary moment filled with the calm
that Oneness brings.
In this quiet, tranquil moment
the simple beauty of a single drop of rain
floods my heart with a freedom
so liberating that the hustle and bustle,
that ever-achieving mechanism of humankind,
can no longer reach me.
In my solitude, I rejoice
in the restoration of peace in our troubled times.
... just for the moment...
with a gentle smile upon my lips...
I practice kindness.
>>>Diane Crebo>>>

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