Regular visitors to GiveMeSport may remember one FIFA 15

There are millions of children around the world who are getting stuck into playing FIFA 15 after receiving it is a gift for Christmas - but none of them will ever score a goal quite as good as this.

That's because just before Christmas, one user uploaded a video of a goal he'd scored that is so good, everyone else may as well stop trying. But you can't stop trying to do other things, buying some FIFA 15 Coins IOS to play in iPhone to fight with your friends.

"Corey Pellatt" somehow manages to pull off a Rabona free-kick to the edge of the area, which bounces in front of a waiting team-mate. Rather than aim a conventional shot on target, he unleashes a sort of scorpion kick lob which sails over the goalkeeper's head. Simple really.

Regular visitors to GiveMeSport may remember one FIFA 15 user uploading a video of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a simply stunning Rabona free-kick that sailed into the back of the net - but this has got to be better right?

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