Re:how deep are you willing to go? how much do you really care? the sad balancing act

What MUST be kept in mind here is that any possible winners in this mess are in all likely hood as yet unborn. Israel seems to me to have gone 'over the top' and no longer has any concerns for what the rest of the world thinks. This gives me great worry that their next escapade will be something as unbelievable as an attack on Iran. How can Israel not see that this behavior will create such internal discord as to make them distracted, weakened and vulnerable. I do feel that Netanyahu and/or Livni may have the strength to bring some sanity and reality back to Israeli Politics and Defense. All people in that part of the world are dependent on a stable sensible Israel to be the anchor in the area and other nation/states cannot progress without that stability. This action is egregious, indefensible, and indicative of Israel's collective state of mind.
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