To be successful?Buy a blue scarf motivational!!!!It is said that yesterday, after Mr Lee was elected south Korean President, south Korean pop up a blue scarf.It turns out that in the general election, Replica Burberry Scarf Mr Lee is always a blue scarf.It makes a lot of people think that wearing a blue scarf will bring good luck to the person.And lee from scratch, from cheap poor boys, to the multinational enterprise operators,Fake Burberry Scarf and then to South Korea's President, is many south Korean idol salaryman.Of young people especially those who just a startup, they are very keen to buy blue scarf, is to treat it as an incentive for yourself.
The wild tax
Rwanda to tax gorilla!Yesterday there are novel, the African tourism department has recently decided to Rwanda, Fake Burberry cashmere Scarf from next year to use tax mountain gorillas image of domestic companies, tax income for protecting mountain gorillas.It is known that there is currently only about 720 mountain gorillas in the world, is a national treasure in Rwanda, for a long time, Rwanda's many enterprises is to the image of the mountain gorillas of selling products, benefit not shallow.Rwanda tourism bureau officials said,Burberry Scarf Cheap the gorilla tax by, is to the beast, eventually benefit to human beings and nature, harmony and win-win!
The hemostatic military uniform

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