Replica Burberry Scarf structure can literally

Winter to pocket bus card, change, from me to put the MP3...Is not very convenient, the waffle scarf to solve this problem, there is a small pocket can store content, Replica Burberry Scarf because the scarf in the chest is the most convenient place to take things.Of course, the most fun of all is the storage space design, in the corner of the open zipper, can put the mobile phones, mp3, bus card, or key, and so on inside,Fake Burberry Scarf convenient and comfortable access, very convenient.
Waffle scarf with a pocket
This article interesting scarf adopted a new textile structure - a waffle.This structure can literally wash, Fake Burberry cashmere Scarf machine wash, not shrinking, also won't fall Mao Heqi ball, both sides has a pattern of stereoscopic strong performance, Burberry Scarf Cheap the traditional scarf products not machine wash and easy picking up the ball and so on old to get rid of all!

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