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Tourism situational preheating temperature "glasses" butterfly become "immortal mirror"
It is important to note that since May 2014 operating international glasses city to upgrade the traditional glasses monopoly for entertainment, catering accommodation,Replica Oakleys business office, film and television performing as one of the experiential tourism services business district, in the international science and technology, specialization, scale, and brand new attitude, gather each big glasses brand, attract visitors, to further consolidate the danyang glasses industry's leading position in the country.
On May 1, China last year (danyang) international glasses city field soft opening, visitors, especially in some important holidays, not only Shanghai, nanjing, Wholesale Replica Oakleys wuxi and other surrounding city consumers, and outside the province a lot of Tours to snap up too.Glasses market management office responsible person said: "since soft opening, market sales volume is rising," holiday economy ", "tourism economy gradually reveal 'effect, the market shows a good momentum of development."
"Aiming at domestic famous theme leisure shopping tourist area the goal orientation, Replica Oakleys For Sale China (danyang) glasses city in 2010 and became a successful aaa countries, the 'swimming glasses made into danyang famous tourism brand, and has been awarded the" national civilized market ", "top industrial products market in jiangsu province", "jiangsu ten new landmark tourism',Cheap Replica Oakleys 'danyang glasses industry cluster brand cultivation base, and many other honors."According to glasses market related sites for people, the city will focus on promoting China's next (danyang) international glasses city "4 a" pace.
Two big project Network "mirror" sell tide surging

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