Whe Osho left his body, the physical body, he has told us few days before, that from Germany or USA, he felt, - his physician told us, there was coming black magic against him.
It is certainly possible.
If I send reiki, and good energy to my sister now, or to Carmella, the doctoress, it will be good for them.
But imagine the contrary... a bad idea projected can harm people.
Now imagine...
Oncve a man came to osho horrified. he was searching for physiocal powers, and one day, loking from the window, he just imagined a man falling on the road.
Imediatelly, a man right there, feel on the ground.
Power is danger.
Love to you all.
I go to sleep.
Have a nice time and I wish you the best. I hope she will be all rigt, my sister.
I hope you ar OK. Love. I am happy with so much space to write and talk.

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