SAVE INDIA ...from contineous cand crturies old terrorists attacks

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'India protecting western world from Lashkar's hate'
Amitabh Sinha, Jan. 29

The US Senate was told that India "unfortunately" had become the "sponge" that was protecting America and the western liberal world from the hate unleashed by Lashkar-e-Toiba which had emerged as second only to the Al-Qaeda in being a threat to global security.

As the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs concluded its hearings on “Lessons from the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks,” two influential policy advisors testified that despite better preventive and response systems in the US, a Mumbai-like attack on America by LeT was “not inconceivable”.

“It would be a gross error to treat the terrorism facing India — including the terrible recent atrocities — as simply a problem for New Delhi alone. In a very real sense, the outage in Bombay was fundamentally a species of global terrorism not merely because the assailants happened to believe in an obscurantist brand of Islam but, more importantly, because killing Indians turned out to be simply interchangeable with killing citizens of some fifteen different nationalities for no apparent reason whatsoever,” said Ashley J Tellis, Senior Associate with the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace, a prominent think-tank.

The testimonies — the first since Barack Obama took over on January 20 — come at a time when the new administration is in the process of unveiling its foreign policy priorities for South Asia, having just announced a special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan in Richard Holbrooke.

Tellis, who in his previous role as senior advisor to the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs had been closely involved in the negotiations for the civil nuclear agreement between India and US, said the fact that LeT had not mounted any direct attacks on the American homeland was not because of want of motivation.

“Given the juicier and far more vulnerable US targets in southern Asia, LeT has simply found it more convenient to attack these in situ rather than over extend itself in reaching out to the continental United States,” he said.

“India has unfortunately become the ‘sponge’ that protects us all. India’s very proximity to Pakistan, which has developed into the epicenter of global terrorism during the last thirty years, has resulted in New Delhi absorbing most of the blows unleashed by those terrorist groups that treat it as a common enemy along with Israel, the United States, and the West more generally,” he said.

Brian Michael Jenkins, senior advisor with the RAND Corporation, another policy group that recently came out with a report on the Mumbai incident, said the attacks in Mumbai showed that the global struggle against the jihadists was far from over.
“Al Qaeda is not the only galaxy in the jihadist universe — new contenders that have signed on to Al Qaeda’s ideology of global terror,” Jenkins said referring to LeT.

“Could a Mumbai-style attack happen in the United States? It could. The difference lies in planning and scale... Could a team of terrorists, recruited and trained abroad as the Mumbai attackers were, be inserted into the United States, perhaps on a US-registered fishing vessel or pleasure boat, to carry out a Mumbai-style attack? Although our intelligence has greatly improved, the answer again must be a qualified yes,” Jenkins said in his testimony.

Describing the clear links that LeT had with Pakistan’s official agencies — “the question whether these murderous acts (in Mumbai) were sanctioned by elements within the Pakistani state is prima facie not absurd in light of the ISI’s traditionally close relationship with LeT,” Tellis suggested that the Obama administration needed to treat India’s concerns about terrorism more seriously than the United States had done so far.

“Of all the terrorist groups present in South Asia, and there are many, LeT represents a threat to regional and global security second only to al-Qaeda,” Tellis said.

“If the United States fails to recognize that the struggle against terrorism ought to be indivisible because Indian security is as important to New Delhi as American security is to Washington, future Indian governments could choose to respond to the problems posed by Pakistani groups such as LeT in ways that may undermine regional security and make the US effort to transform Pakistan more difficult than it already is,” he said.

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Comment by Abelia on January 31, 2009 at 4:58pm
Ravi, I send you my wishes for Peace and Light for India...Blessings, Abelia

Comment by harish rajpal on January 31, 2009 at 7:41am
Comment by ken on January 31, 2009 at 5:55am
please take it easy, american people know that a strong and independant india is americas ally anybody with common sense knows that india will last for 10,000 years
Comment by harish rajpal on January 31, 2009 at 5:34am
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on January 31, 2009 at 5:24am
I am here just starting to read this now Ravi, I am low on power to I may have to turn off everything to let the little wind I have give me enough to finish it after a few hours, but wanted to let you know I am here.
Please read a "story" that I just posted at
It is related to helping India, as that (India's current situation) has been on my mind a lot lately.
I will read what you have above so I can learn more and sorry I did not email you sooner but doing what you just did makes more since because more other people can read this and offer you helpful ideas to solve.
With Love, your friend, Tree
Comment by Ravi Pratap Shahi on January 31, 2009 at 4:45am
Comment by Raja G on 19 January 2009 at 2:27pm
Yes We must Save india - All of us must - because there is an impending danger that would devide and devour india.
Now I am giving you a glimpse what will happen to the whole of India If we do notr wake up Now.
Some 20 years back what Happened in Kashmir will happen in many parts of Indi if we do not wake up. The world will be as good a spectator as we in the rest of the country were when there was mayhem and pogrom im Kshmir valley.
19 January 1990, Kashmiri Pandits were asked to leave their homeland in their own country by the so-called brothers. Lakhs of Hindus were killed, homes were looted, girls and women faced horrible torture. Indian Congress Government gave them place in some camps lacking basic facilities. Even after 18 years, they are not rehabilitated ! This is the fate of minority Hindus in a Muslim Majority Sate in India - a secular Sate. A Shame.

Business houses destablised (Including shops looted/burnt, factories looted/burnt, occupied) 14,430
Agriculture dependent families deprived of their land and source of income 20,000
Horticulture dependent families deprived of their resource 12,500
Houses Burnt more than 20,000.
Houses looted 95%
Fact sheet Of Atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits
Educational Institutions burnt, damaged forcefully occupied 105
Religious & Cultural Institutions Destroyed/burnt, damaged (Temples/Ashrams/Dharamshalas) 103
Torture killings of Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley more than 1,100 .
Religious Sadism At Its Peak
Killing of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists clearly depicts extreme sadism. All victims have been subjected to extreme torture and terror.
Torture deaths have been brought about by such inhuman practices as:
Strangulation by using steel wires ; Hanging
Impaling ; Branding with hot irons ; Burning alive ; Lynching
Bleeding to death ; Gouging out of vital organs ; Dismemberment of Human bodies
Drowning alive.
Terrorists have frequently indulged in barbaric acts like performing 'death dances' after killing their target.
Many a time, dead bodies were not even allowed to be properly cremated.
Comment by Ravi Pratap Shahi on January 31, 2009 at 4:41am
Comment by Raja G on 18 January 2009 at 10:42pm
Delete Comment India that is Bharat - A great democracy - known for its unity in diversity - but there are very deep and dangeerous inroads that have been created to fracture this fragile unity. By virtue of certain binding phenomena like culture of the people that is almost common along tghe length and breadth of the Nation - this unity has becoea reality.
But since independence - political parties in their greed for power - and to remain power have managed to create divisions among communities and religions. The British succeed in ruling thi land bu their policy of dividwe nad rule - now certain Political parties are following the same divide and rule policy.
What is now striking is the all out effort of some of the neighbouring countries to divide India on the lines of Religion. the atmosphere in India is becoming congenial gor such divide due to political power monging.
National spirit is termed as communal - and in the name of Seculrism - the country is now facing division with in.
Pakistan is totally involved in dividing India - in separating Kashmir - China is keen to take over the eastern States. the only uniting force as odf now is the Defence Forces keeping vigil.
But the world at large watching like a bystander - probably to see if there would be any gain for them if India breaks up.
The US has all along feared India becoming powerful with the help of Soviet Union - Now after that threat is over their jangover with palistan continues under the pretext of subduing - gatting Osama Bil laden - Bot what the US does not realize is Pakistan is making use of Americal foolhardiness and utilizing all that given by them to create havac in India - the recent terror attack - which I call an Invasion - a War - is a sample what pakistan would do infuture.
There are many forces of fifth colum with in India - fuelled by Intellctuals. they are all waiting for something big to happen and the final asault on this country would be total.
Some of the leaders in the West Including the president of US to be has unwittingly placed Kashmir in his priorities. This has given Pakistan a great Impetus.
people of the world should know that kashmir is nor Gaza - nor is it Afghanistan or Iraq. We had a peaceul election with 65% voter turnout without any incident - So there is no need for any third party to intergferer in kashmir - even unwitting statement on Kashir By US lears would give a great impetus to Pakistan to creat trouble . They have amased troops and calling them as Freedom Fighers in Kashmir.
the west and the uS must change their views on kasmitr totally.
Yes - a great blunder was made by our first Prime Minister in refrering the Kashmir invasion by Pakistan army under the command of British Officeers in 1947 - 48 . indian Army then would hvae totally libetared KAshmir from the illegal occupants. But by bringin in the UN India has been made to bleed ever since - with more than 100000 peopel being killed over the past 60 years .
Kashmiri pundits numberin over 140 thousand have be come refugees in their State. - Driven out by Muslim Majority Kashmir valley.
I would request Mr Obama to forget Kashmir - and concentrate on Afghanistan - and get rid of Taliban helped by Pakistan.
In the East - The chinese occupiers of Tibet have firmly esyablished their forces all along the Indo Tibet Border. Burma is under the hegemony of China - Now Nepal is almost tutored by China after the Maoists have overthrown the King and the ruling Napali congress.
Bangladesh is virtually being controlled by ISI of Pakistan - FUJI and out fit of ISI has made deep inroads in six districts of Assam State - and almost demanding separation from India - a second partition - thanks to the Vote bank policy of Indian national Congress and its allies in UPA at the center.
Above all these one great divisive force is the unconcerned intellectuals not opening their mouth even in the face of utter disprderly behaviour of the political class.
Indians by nature are docile - peaceloving - and friendly people - in the history on India - no Hindu King had ever invaded a ny other country. And above all India - has welcome all people who had come here as refugees or otherwise. Parsees - christians - Jews - and now tibetans. Muslims came to india as invaders - became rulers and now they have got a country of their own - yet some of the Muslims in India are covertly and overtly working for division the great land into many pieces - Nations with in a Nation -
the future Shock for thie country is goinmg to be real head count on Muslim Population - Christian Population - many a Christian Missionares have been am mainly engaged in prosletisation - large scale - villages after villages have been enmass converted - under the patronage of the ruling political parties. We have Christian Majority Staes like Mizoram - and meghalaya - and Nagaland - - We are heading muslim Majority states too in the near future - kashmir is a stading example - with 65% majority Muslims the state has almost turned into a islamic state - with what they call kashmiriyat - a slightly modified form of Sahriat Law.
So friends, with all its glorious past - with all great strides in the field of technology and becoming an economic power to reckon with in th East - there is under curret of disintegration -.
for the present Hindu Population is about 80% ( likely to be less if a fresh and fair census is conducted ) but there are pockets of districts where hindus are Minority - and they are facing the wrath of the Islamic way of life.
For thiose living in the West and other nation india is a great civilisation - and country of paradix and enigma - with so mant languages and castes and sucastes ( to be exact 6000 plus castes - 22 officila languages - 600 plus dialects ) there is unity . Because the common people of the amjority community are Nationalist right across the length and breadth of india. But there are very powerful forces workinh within and without to brak this unity.
We are the most populous Democracy in the world - Yes - but there are serious drawbacks and problems - due to Democracy -
we have iliterate perosn elected as people representatives - And dumb house wife hasd been foisted as chief minsiter of a Populous state -.
We have the richest people in the country - yet India has the most people below povertyline - We are able to provide the best high tech treatment for serious heart problems - yet we have the maximum infantile mortality -
Our Techies are the most wanted in the US yet we have the mximum illiterate in the world.
Our Flora nad fauna is depleting in great strides - one example - we have just about 1300 tigers in the wild as per the last count in 2005.
Many species of exotic biords have vanished - Ou glaciers are melting at great speed. Water sources are drying up -
these are the areas the governments are to pay attention -
the last point is - indian are generally religious - yaet we have maximum number of corrupt politicians and officials.
In the Swiss banks Indian's hold maximum un accounted money crossing several trillions . those who hol;d such accounts are the Politicians - bureaucrats - police andsome busioness people.
the money stacked up will be sufficient educate all people - buid hospitals in all villages - provide roards and electricty to all villages for the next 10 years.

there is an urgent need to make the governments in India wake up -

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