September-October 2012 Planetary Influences

At this coming full Moon, Friday night, the Earth is conjunct Uranus and Earth is nearest of the year that it gets to Uranus, which means that they are heliocentrically aligned. This indicates that there will be sunspot activity and geomagnetic as well.  This will be felt or sensed by sensitive human brains and glands. People will become physically and sexually active, however since sex feelings are often in our current Western society they will be expressed in other unpredictable ways. This has led astrologers to believe that Uranus produces unpredictable activity in human behavior.

Diagram created in Dynamic Solar System Software. 


If lots of people mediate the influences of these effects will probably be dampened.

There might be a little more earthquake and volcanic activity as well. Then on October 4-5 there will be an alignment of Venus, Sun, and Mars. This is shown in the second diagram below.



Since Earth is not near or in alignment with these planets it will be 5—10 days before Earth‘s geomagnetic field is affected by this alignment, if at all.


The Pulsars made by psychophysics labs described in the website may help to decrease any adverse effects.


Fore a free article on the Geomagnetic field and its fluctuations please ask for it, let me know your name and email address. Please email me. Buryl.

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