Share the GOODWILL that Freely Flows from Within You

Share the GOODWILL that Freely Flows from Within You
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ January 14 – 21, 2013

Received by, Julie Miller
January 14, 2013


One of your earliest lessons as a young child is the value of sharing. With little effort you can recall many times a parent, caregiver or teacher requested you share a story, possibly a snack or sharing of your toys and games as an example. And through the sharing learning was occurring at the most basic of levels, relationships further developed, the act of kindness was established in some cases but what was definitely happening was interaction. Interaction leads to growth and development. Many of your earliest lessons even though primary as they were had crucial components to your growth as an adult. Sharing is even indicated in depictions in the astrological zodiac – a man known as Aquarius has always been portrayed sharing a pitcher or a pot of water high upon his shoulder, sharing the contents freely.


Sharing is considered the highest of concepts to be manifested. Each of you already shares the Earth, and through the daily challenges you meet you become connected to other people’s sharing of concepts, products, ideas, etc. Some sharing in order for you to be included requires you to make a purchase. When you choose to purchase fresh produce from the local market, you become part of the sharing concept of the grower. Understand dear ones when sharing takes place it is also an opportunity to experience the joy that is felt from relating to others in the spirit of goodwill, appreciation and cooperation. The best challenge that we see is one that is shared, since each of you has something of value to contribute and to receive. When you are able to see this conception of understanding of a vaster understanding of sharing you will then begin to see sharing as an energy that is filled with goodwill and this energy is able to be released among all people with the encouragement and impulse to share and this sharing will produce a firm expansion of open ideas that can and will create its own energy flow that has the capacity to clear away old preconceived ideals of selfishness while at the same time developing fresh attitudes that will strengthen and support everyone as you learn to come together in the greatest of good for all of mankind.


Realistically speaking and thinking, the value of sharing relates to more than money and of material possessions. When sharing takes place goals, hopes, visions, ethics, ideals, skills, feelings, wisdom, etc., becomes shared as well. Most definitely your life encapsulates a sharing of energy that flows freely by our loving Creator. As each person awakens to their interconnectedness, there is a keen recognition that the misfortunes of your physical body can be found as an energy blockage somewhere within your spirit body, especially within the chakras and from tracing the source of the blockage many dear souls are beginning to see that many of the blockages of energy are caused from lack of sharing or distributing of the Self as an energy resource the entire planet is connected to.


This level of recognition is the result of manifesting a changed attitude, adopting a new way of thinking within the concept of the value of money and the products your money can purchase. We see many dear souls that have taken the concept of sharing further than sharing toys or candy, what we have been seeing for some time now is the sharing of vehicles and bikes, house sharing, cooperative housing communities, there are many more modern examples of sharing that is beneficial to all that embraces the fullest concept of the value of sharing. Even if you are not part of a cooperative housing community, you as a sensitive being are able to draw from the unified energy that is found within a sharing, close-knit community.


Selfless sharing is a virtue that has been taught within many religions of the world. Yet in the modern age the value of sharing is embraced by many people in all walks of life that you will discover as you move along your own journey. As a global community, you will reach a thought concept that will be put into action that will not only be for the greatest of good, but for a global good that is available to all people regardless of position, race, or economy. Through the sharing of concepts and ideas and learning to work together, putting aside all previous grievances; each person will help in their own way to create a more loving and compassionate environment that will not only serve one or two families but the whole world as one big loving community. Through confusion dear ones, understanding and clarity will emerge and the road to selfless sharing among all people will become a reality that will continue to demonstrate goodwill everywhere for everyone.


You must always move forward dear ones. It is true many important lessons are learned from past situations, but you need to remember to embrace today. Stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring, tomorrow will arrive soon enough. Be the best you can be every day, learn to selflessly share each day a bit more and become cooperative in the understanding of each person that shares your beautiful earth. When each of you makes an effort to understand the goodwill that is within all men, women and children then that is a demonstration of a positive step towards rebuilding a new world based on love, compassion, sharing, openness, charity and goodwill just to name a few. One step at a time dear ones will bring an expansion of beauty and restoration that will not only be felt from the inner depths of your soul but it will also be visible.


Share the wisdom you have acquired through your life experiences. Learn from one another through respect and care of each other’s beliefs and values. Remember dear ones after all the books you have read what is still left is not the writer’s concepts but you as a person and that  person must know who they are without the tutelage of a well written book. The writer of a book may have shared their perception, but their perception does not make you who you are. Who you are dear ones is individually beautiful and precious. When you go within to learn who you are and connect to the many wonderful spirits of the divine to help gain understanding share your wonderings; even if you have not reached your own conclusions of your true self, from sharing with others where you are at in your journey you just may awaken to a new thought process that will help you reach certain personal realizations. Embrace the power of sharing, learn to give and receive graciously and be you always.


I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller 

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