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Written by me, Julie Miller

October 06, 2013


Every day there are new groups, new forums, new web sites and blogs being developed and created for various reasons and needs including those that follow any kind of spiritual path.


Jesus Christ taught in Matthew 7:12: "Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them," adding, "for this is the Law and the Prophets." This was a huge statement and became known as the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


It is apparent in some places and by those just discovering the spiritual path that this rule is lacking. Perhaps a parent or caregiver never taught when it’s appropriate to speak openly and when it’s appropriate to sit back and be respectful.


This also boils down to common sense, yet common sense is not as common as one would think.


Every time we think, speak or act in a way that demonstrates judgement or criticism towards another, in truth we are also judging ourselves and this energy that we are carrying during any judging or criticizing we have taken part in all carries negative energy. You don’t have to know the person beside you and if they are sensitive enough they will be able feel the negative vibrations you are emitting.


Choices are a part of our day, the choice show to kindness in the words we choose to express ourselves to the actions that demonstrate the meaning of our intent. We can always choose to tell another person that their work is awful or that we don’t agree with what is shared, but for the one that is sharing the work, regardless if it is a wisdom rich article, a life experience, a message from a Divine Deity, or anything else that is meaningful to them is made to feel less and how we treat others for what they are sharing can have detrimental effects on their day and days after.


We can either be someone’s sunshine or the storm – we do have a choice.


Just because we don’t like what we see that another person shared doesn’t mean we cannot be thankful for their sharing. Anything is possible when we are moving from the rhythm of our beloved hearts.


It can be difficult to be mindful and respectful when we have been dealt with a difficult day, but not impossible. Those that are at the brunt of your tiredness, frustration or glum feelings are not the cause or reason, they just become the focal point of all that has gone wrong during your day that may have growing and festering. It is important to not take out our frustrations on others. There are ways of coping and dealing with any inadequacies that promote peace and love from within and felt by others. You can turn any bad day into an okay day, decent day or even a good day just by changing your thoughts. It is as simple as turning on a light switch, but first you have to be able to recognize this and make a conscious choice to make the changes that are necessary to produce peaceful interactions that don’t demonstrate discordance or disharmony even while viewing, listening or taking part in another person’s sharings that may not agree with your values and beliefs.


The energies that are moving at a much faster rate truthfully are not new; quite simply it is just our awareness of them is peaking. It is much easier to embrace these energies and accept them for what they are without having to have an explanation for everything because some things require no explanation just a simple knowing of what is.


Let us all work together as harmonious as possible, taking equal part in sharing, and posting and giving a part of ourselves each time respectfully, lovingly and compassionately. Even if our paths are on slightly different directions because our divine mission is unique we can still come together as ONE majestic force of pure love at its finest.


My love is your love


Blessings of Divine Light and Love


Julie Miller 

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