shoelaces can be fixed of admission to a special slot inside

 be more suitable for you. This running shoe weight is generally heavier than CUSHIONING class. To note is that all brands of shoes, most of them are two types of CUSHIONING and STABILITY. From the description on the one hand, most of the runners were with the characteristics of both types. Moreover, the performance difference between these two types of shoes is also relatively small. 3. MOTION CONTROL-if you've proven yourself running a toe out toe (more serious), or poor your ankle strength (such as Zeng  nike air max 95 Jingwai foot injuries), or your weight is heavier than the standard, or your feet running posture habits. So, this kind of running shoes should be more suitable for you. It can provide more so than other types of running shoes for Arch and heel support and posture correction, at one point to prevent accidental injury. However, relative to the CUSHIONI

NG and two types of STABILITY running shoes, MOTION CONTROL weight, of course, that it the protection of feet and vibration cushion is proportional to the. 4. TRAIL-this is a special kind of shoes. From the name, you might guess, this kind of shoes suitable for cross-country running (OFF-ROAD). This is relative to the usual plastic runway, running in the case of cement, asphalt pavement, and if you air max plus enjoy running in the wild, for example: in the river's muddy path, in suburban mountain path. So, 3 types of running shoes in front of firm level cannot fully meet the requirements. TRAIL running shoe is generally characterized by: outsole patterns are more exaggerated thick soles are hard, the upper materials such as water splash, shoelaces can be fixed of admission to a special slot inside. This is mainly taking into account, the wild road complex, rock, sand, mud and

water, need to be sturdy and hard soles, while shoe surface for some waterproof function, in addition, to avoid shoelaces hanging branches, grass stick on the dangers. But, this class shoes weight Shang than Qian several and no special of increased, after all also is shoes, but appearance Shang compared good difference: due to field of special environment, TRAIL shoes General are does not design into white, and green, and red, color, but often used land, and rock, of black, and yellow, and gray, color, in store shoes wall Shang often a eye can difference out, and, soles of lines is it of features is one of. However, the caveat is that if you mostly run in the cement, asphalt, I don't recommend you use TRAILTypes of running shoes, because this shoe's outsole patterns tend to be too prominent, resulting in partial pressures increase, on a flat surface, but not enough cushion. In

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