'Shrek Forever After' McDonalds - Shrek Glass

'Shrek Forever After' McDonalds - Shrek Glass Ray Ban Sunglasses Wholesale...

McDonalds will voluntarily recall 13 million Shrek drinking glasses containing the toxic chemical Cadmium. The collectable Shrek glasses were being sold for $2 as a part of the promotion for the movie ''?Shrek Forever After 3D''? Chanel Sunglasses Wholesale?
These 16 ounce glasses come in four designs: Shrek, Fiona, Puss n' Boots, and Donkey.
According to the Consumer Product Safely Commission, long-term exposure the Cadmium "can cause adverse health effects." Cadmium has been found on the painted designs of the glasses. CSPC stated that Cadmium is extremely toxic and normally it''??s used to produce paint, coatings, and batteries along with other products.Arc Intentional of Milville in New Jersey manufactured the glasses. Not surprisingly, Shares of McDonalds have fallen nearly 1% to $67.31 on Friday morning''??s trading Cheap Gucci Sunglasses. It''??s a relief to know McDonalds is voluntarily recalling these glasses but It''??s unclear if the burger giant will offer a refund for them. Good thing CSPC caught this toxic chemical in time. 12 million glasses later is better than 15 million glasses later, right?What do you think about this recall?
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