Sickness is strange. And this sickness is even stranger. I hear there is something going "around" all across the usa. I have my own theories... But I wont get into those. I have come to appreciate being kept in bed for a certain amount of time. I tend to stay very present with my misery (hehe) when Im feeling blue. It keeps me in the present. I am here in the moment. Even to delve within a seeminglly uncomfortable pain... if explored it doesnt become so painful. It is ususally the resistance that is more painful. My resistance to whatever the present moment is... is what causes pain, not generally pain itself. I feel some sort of quantum change happening fast. Bodies can't handle it so well, time is becoming disarrayed... and there is a general feeling underlying this all... that change is inevitable. I choose to live in light, in love, in truth. I choose to foster relationships that honor my trueself... and nothing less. I choose to live in peace with myself and the world. No matter what the governments may be doing to us. It is so easy to want to retract into fear mode... into anger. But we must live in bigger realities. My reality holds true that this physical plane is only a fraction of what we know. I can not possible judge. How can I judge when my vision is so limited and so blinding and so misleading. I can only hold love for myself and others.

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