Solid wood furniture and natural does not necessarily equate necessarily. Redwood professional branch of China National Furniture Association Tian pointed out that as many primary scarcity of wood, so now with the entire board, which is the case of a large piece of wood, solid wood furniture has to do less and less. Solid wood furniture raw materials, some of which are two or more blocks of wood stick into veneer, there are some wood chip bonding after skinning. This production method will also involve problems with plastic, while a lot kennel waterproof floor boards Armenia of Glue is formaldehyde, which means that there will be some solid wood furniture, although the use of wood, but also a certain amount of formaldehyde released. Generally speaking, there are mainly used in furniture, urea-formaldehyde glue and glue have white glue, urea-formaldehyde glue formaldehyde content which is higher, white glue formaldehyde emission is relatively small. The production of mahogany furniture, there is a skin glue, this glue is completely natural material, it is formaldehyde-free.

Therefore, when we buy wood furniture, or to try to choose the brand through the national quality inspection of qualified products, consumers can ask the sellers of wood and glue used on the furniture to make a note. When buying wood furniture, try to avoid excessive mosaic furniture. Specific questions can be asked to the seller, and the wood-related cases written purchase contract, as rights conditions. In addition, solid wood furniture, buy home later, and ventilation to be placed at least two months or more and then put into use, so as to protect the noxious fumes, avoid health damage. Faced with fierce competition from wood floor, wood floor giant country, national standard drafting unit nature of the floor to the outside world publish their latest research and development of leading products: a cost of millions, which lasted 3 years of research and development from Creative Ecologies floor. The category of environmental protection cork flooring substrate, category colorful, lifelike color reduction, including commercial channels, children's cartoon, personalized aesthetic three series, the creativity and colors on the floor to maximize the use of technology in the flooring industry set off a "Creative Storm."

The product launch, an extremely warm response in the floor industry and the consumer market. Sales System. "Floor customization marketing mode is also the first wood plastic composite flooring singapore open industry precedent. Leading wood floor in our country based on the" long tail "under the new market trends in individual segments fruitful exploration." Nature Flooring Group chairman Mr. She Xuebin said, "to build the world's leading flooring company is the highest goal of the nature of the floor, these two industry initiative will further enhance the comprehensive strength and marketing level nature of the floor.

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