Sometimes God Pushes us out of the Crowd into a solitude which we did not desire but which takes hold of us. As the prophet Jeremiah says: “I sit alone, because thy hand was upon me.” God sometimes lays hands upon us. He wants us to ask the question of truth which may isolate us from most men and which can be asked only in solitude. He wants us to ask the question of justice which may bring us suffering and death and which can grow in us only in solitude. He wants us to break through the ordinary ways of man which may bring disrepute and hate upon us, a breakthrough which can happen only in solitude. He wants us to penetrate to the limit of our being, where the mystery of life appears, and it can appear only in the moments of solitude.

There are some among you who want to become creative in some realm of life. You cannot become and cannot remain creative without solitude. One hour in conscious solitude does more for your creativity than many hours of learning how to become creative….

In the moments of solitude something is done to us. The center of our being, the inner self which is the ground of our aloneness, is elevated to the divine center and taken into it. Therein we can rest without losing ourselves….

And perhaps if we ask what the innermost nature of solitude is, we should answer: It is the presence of the eternal upon the crowded roads of the temporal. It is the experience of being alone but not lonely, in view of the eternal presence which shines through the face of the Christ and which includes everybody and everything from which we are separated. In the poverty of solitude all riches are present. Let us dare to have solitude: to face the eternal, to find others, to see ourselves.

Paul Tillich
The Eternal Now

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Comment by ljiljana on May 17, 2009 at 4:45pm
Solitude is way to know abaot enternal ONE..freedom of BE or NOT TO BE...

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