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In recent years, the capital of some well-known furniture production and marketing enterprises keener plate imported from Germany. In 2005, Italian style, hundred, the National Security Caramel other furniture companies formed a "Germany love grid plate alliance." In May 2008, he has six years to enter the Beijing market Lushuihe sheet announced in Beijing with Italian style, music United States, hundred, Oriental Parkson 19 well-known brands alliance partner. June, Qu Mei Furniture, strong furniture, Oriental Parkson resistance Montreal, Green Island furniture capital of these five brands with the German eco Oude Sen sheet formed a strategic partnership, to enjoy high-quality ecological sheet of Germany's largest external wall cladding tiles Oppland companies Oude Sen sheet provided. This year, "Germany love grid plate alliance" ally is to increase: In addition to the early Italian style, hundred, National Security Camry outside; there are mid-term to join the giant Zhuo, Elvis; this summer, invest billions of dollars in Daxing long self construction, and start flying its first store outside the United States and furniture in the home culture Prudential Plaza, behind relying also EGGER sheet. There are tricks to choose environmentally friendly furniture Furniture and kitchen furniture is environmental health, quality, reliability, can understand the inherent quality of furniture by some external appearance.

First, smell the smell of furniture inside, or if there is a pungent smell, dazzling taste, formaldehyde and other harmful substances can be sure of emission exceeded within the sheet, is not environmentally friendly products; secondly regarded as workers, observed edge treatment of furniture is tight , smooth, opened the doors of furniture or drawers, then gently closed, to see whether smooth; Look again surfaces, furniture is generally melamine paper finishes, to see whether the surface stain, with a key gently across if there scratches, if there is non-compliance showed furniture surface treatment. Finally concept base, looking for the connection plate and hardware, if it is to see whether the wood shavings into a sheet of particleboard cross-distribution, so as not to affect the life of such furniture. Related Links Four "good" and to identify the advantages of the plate method waterproof plywood alternative EGGER board EGGER board based on the European continent the Alps softwood species, with fresh wood cutting, crushing, high pressure composite made products in full compliance with the relevant provisions of the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and the German industrial standard DIN.

Its tables have superior high temperature, acid and superior scratch resistance. EGGER board has reached 6 mg / 100 g of formaldehyde emissions, significantly lower than the European E1 level (10 mg / 100 g) environmental standards. And compared to similar products, EGGER board material relatively clean, color is relatively shallow, so that the plate has a good deformation resistance and toughness properties.

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