"The world is nothing but names and forms", goes the vedantic saying.

What is uttered as a sound can be transformed into a form and what is drawn as a form can be

converted into a sound.

The primordial sound which is found placed at the beginning and at the end of of the Vedas, that is the

OM/AUM, is said to be the seed of all sounds, all words, all forms and all things and beings which

come to manifestation within time and space from the womb of Unmanifest Nature.

The fetus in the womb, right from the zygote state, resembles the classical Sanskrit script OM .

Shri Ranga Mahaguru, an accomplished Yogi of Karnataka, India had depicted the fetus as he

intuited it inhis vision. It is given below.

The photo of the original natural formation of the Om script in the Himalayan peaks is given above.

So is the case with the geometrical pattern of Shri Chakra which is considered the most sacred and potent

sound body of the Mother Divine.


There one can find how inspiration creates forms.

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